Write a Credit Reference

Letter #1


In response to your recent request for a credit reference of (Name of Individual), we are writing to report a clear and solid credit history on behalf of the individual. Our documents detailing (Name of Individual)''s previous credit transactions and payment histories demonstrate his ability to expertly handle funds and manage a large variety of financial responsibilities. We strongly recommend (Name of Individual) as a candidate for any credit opportunities within the range of his means.

Letter #2


You inquired about the credit worthiness of Mr. John Doe and Doe Corporation. Enclosed are copies of their credit history with us. Of course, the reports are confidential. Please be discreet in using them.

Mr. Doe and Doe Corporation were once superior customers of ours. Over the last year and a half, their payment history has deteriorated to the point that their accounts are running at least 90 days past due. We have notified them that future purchases are cash only.

Letter #3


I am happy to provide credit information regarding Mr. John Doe's credit account. Mr. Doe has been a dependable customer for over fifteen years and, with few exceptions, has paid his obligations on time. We view his account favorably and are confident he will be a reliable customer for your company.

Letter #4


I am pleased to provide you with a report of Jane Doe's sterling credit history. Ms. Doe has been a great customer and an excellent credit risk. In the four years she has held her account with us she has never incurred a late payment penalty and consistently paid off her balances without delay. I have enclosed a confidential summary of her account's activity during the past 18 months, so that you may see for yourself. If you have any further questions, please call me at 555-5555.

Letter #5


Enclosed is summary of John Doe's credit history with our company, as you requested. Please respect the confidentiality of our client's information. I regret that I cannot recommend Mr. Doe as a good credit risk. He has been consistently delinquent in payments and has exceeded his credit limit several times, as the summary reflects. If you need any further information, please telephone me at 555-5555.

How to Write this Credit Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

This letter can be tricky, especially if you cannot give a positive reference. Your response should be professional, tactful and fair. State only the facts and avoid emotional commentary. If the customer in question has a generally good credit record with your company, but has made a few errors with the account, do not draw undue attention to the errors by mentioning them in the opening or closing of the letter.


  1. State the purpose of your letter and mention the customer by name. If necessary, indicate the confidential nature of the information.
  2. Give the requested information. If appropriate, refer to any forms or reports you may have enclosed with your reference.

Write Your credit in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 State the purpose of your letter and mention the customer by name. If necessary, indicate the confidential nature of the information.

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • We are pleased to provide the enclosed credit history information about Mr. John Doe.
  • Enclosed is the financial information you requested on July 10 for John Doe. I am sure that you will use this information with discretion.
  • In response to your inquiry about Mr. John Doe's credit history with our company, I can offer the following:
  • Your credit applicant, Mr. John Doe, has been our customer for two years.
  • It is our pleasure to assist you in evaluating your credit applicant, Mr. John Doe.

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • are glad to
  • are pleased to provide
  • are happy to assist you
  • as requested in your letter
  • assist you in evaluating
  • enclosed you will find
  • for your applicant
  • has been our customer for
  • has had an account with us
  • in the strictest confidence
  • in response to your query about
  • information is used only to
  • it is our pleasure to
  • keep this information confidential
  • offered in confidence
  • our credit experience with
  • please keep in mind that
  • review of this customer's credit file
  • the enclosed information
  • the applicant about whom you inquired
  • the information you requested
  • the subject of your inquiry
  • this confidential information
  • to evaluate the financial standing
  • treat this information
  • trust that you will
  • use this information with discretion
  • use these disclosures only for
  • want to remind you that
  • will handle this information
  • will not disclose this
  • will be used only for
  • with respect for the privacy of
  • your inquiry regarding
  • your applicant's records
2 Give the requested information. If appropriate, refer to any forms or reports you may have enclosed with your reference.

Sample Sentences for Step 2

  • We are pleased to say that Mr. Doe has been an exemplary customer and has never missed a payment during the two years he has held an account with us.
  • We view Mr. Doe's account favorably, as I am sure the accompanying forms will show.
  • Our records show that Mr. Doe's credit line has dropped from $750.00 to $500.00 because he neglected payment on his account for five consecutive months in the first half of last year. However, his payments have consistently been made on time since that time. We have completed and enclosed the forms you provided and they will offer more detailed information.
  • I regret to report that the Doe Construction Company has had difficulty in paying for building materials for the last six months. It is now two months overdue on bills incurred with its latest building project. We are considering requiring cash payments for future purchases.
  • Mr. Doe made several late payments during the first six months that he held his account with us; however, for the last three years he has a perfect record of paying on time.
  • We appreciate your concern about granting such a high credit limit and would like to assure you that based on our five-year experience with Mr. Doe, such a credit line should be a sound investment for your company.
  • At present, Mr. Doe's account is paid in full. He has held a $1,000.00 credit line with us for the last three years and, with two exceptions, has made his payments on time.

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • are considering revoking
  • are pleased to say that
  • because he neglected to
  • credit line has dropped from
  • for more detailed information
  • has had difficulty in
  • has never missed a payment
  • has had a perfect record
  • has been an exemplary customer
  • have always found them to be
  • have completed and enclosed
  • held an account with us
  • her monthly purchases
  • our records show that
  • payments have consistently been
  • regret to report that
  • since that time
  • the accompanying forms will show
  • the forms you provided
  • the account balance has varied from
  • view his account favorably
  • while we are not at liberty to
  • will be a sound investment
  • with a few exceptions