Request an Explanation For a Denial of Credit • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Acknowledge having received the denial.
2Request an explanation for the denial.
3If you think the creditor has received faulty information about your credit history or financial standing, say so.
4Request that the creditor reconsider your application.


Sometimes a creditor will turn down an application for credit because someone made an error in evaluating the applicant's qualifications. Sometimes credit is denied for a reason that the creditor fails to explain. If you feel that one of these situations applies to your case, this letter should help you get an answer and a reconsideration of your application.

Example Letter #1


I just received your letter denying my application for credit due to "late payment history" and "insufficient income." I have never been late on any payments and I just received a raise. Either there was a mistake in your evaluation or the credit information you used was incorrect. Would you please reconsider my application? If there is any additional information you need, please let me know.

Example Letter #2


Yesterday, I received your letter denying our request for a credit account. We are puzzled by your decision as we have an excellent credit history. Will you please tell us why you denied the application? We can only assume that one of our credit references has made an error. We will be happy to supply you with the correct information with appropriate documentation, so that you can reconsider our application.

Example Letter #3


I have just received your letter refusing my request for a credit line. Will you please tell me what factors specifically lead to your decision to deny me credit? I am concerned that one of my references must have misreported my credit history information, as I have been meticulous in maintaining a spotless credit record, and my debt load is very modest relative to my income. Please tell me which of my references reported negative information on me, so that I may resolve this matter with them. I have reviewed copies of all the forms I submitted to you and found them to be correct. I hope that you will promptly reconsider my credit request and inform me of the result as soon as possible.

Example Letter #4


Your denial of our recent credit application has caught us off guard. As we were very confident of acceptance, we are hoping you will provide us with an explanation of your decision. We are aware that John's name has been confused with another H. Doe in the past, and fear that this may have been the case once more. We will be happy to resubmit our income and debt information if this will help in your re-evaluation of our file. Please contact our office when you have reviewed our application and arrived at a decision.


If you think the creditor has received faulty information about your credit history or financial standing, say so.

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Request that the creditor reconsider your application.

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