Send a Late Payment After a Mutual Agreement to Do So • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Refer to the current payment enclosed.
2Apologize for your payment being late and explain briefly why it is late, if appropriate.
3Thank your creditor for his or her understanding.
4Reaffirm your ability and commitment to keep the terms of your agreement.


This letter should assure your creditor that you are still committed to making prompt payments on your account. Use this opportunity to discuss the reasons why your payment is late.

Example Letter #1


I truly appreciate your patience with me. Your willingness to wait for these late payments has been most helpful. I have enclosed a check for $500.00, which should bring my account up to date. If there are any late charges due, please let me know. I should be able to stay current from this point on. Thanks again for your willingness to work with me.

Example Letter #2


Thank you for your patience in waiting for our rent payment. As you are aware, the base closing in our area has left many in our city without jobs, resulting in a severe decrease in our last quarter profits. As we agreed on the telephone this morning, I am enclosing a check for half of the rent on the warehouse/office complex. You will receive the balance on the fifteenth of the month. Our regular rent payments will resume on the first of next month. Thank you for your willingness to work with us in this matter.

Example Letter #3


I am grateful for your assurance that my late payment will not be reported as delinquent. Here enclosed is the payment for $45.00 toward my current account balance of $123.45. As we discussed briefly on the telephone, our recent move has thrown our household organization into turmoil. Many important papers were lost until just last week. We are getting straightened out and settled in, and I assure you this will not happen again. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Example Letter #4


Per our arrangement, I am sending partial payment of $678.90 toward my Doe's charge account balance. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by this delay. Please inform me of any late fees I have incurred. The delay is due to the difficulties of dealing with an overseas branch of my bank, but I have closed that account and foresee no further difficulties. I have always valued my dealings with Doe's and I thank you for your patience and flexibility toward my situation.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step


Refer to the current payment enclosed.

Example Sentences for Step 1

Example Phrases for Step 1


Apologize for your payment being late and explain briefly why it is late, if appropriate.

Example Sentences for Step 2

I apologize for not being able to get my payments to you on time. Your patience and consideration have been most appreciated. We apologize for the unexpected delays in getting our payments to you. We appreciate your willingness to work with us to find the best way to resolve this matter. Your kindness and amiable attitude have only strengthened our resolve to use your company's services in the future. We will be confident in referring others to you. We are sorry for the delay. Because of a new government regulation, we have had to delay production for several weeks. As you can imagine, this has caused us grave financial stress. Due to unanticipated financial difficulties, business has been slow. We apologize. We are sorry for the delays that you have encountered with our payments. We realize that this has undoubtedly created an awkward situation for you. However, we appreciate the manner in which you have worked with us to get our account up to date. As we discussed on the telephone, I have been struggling just to feed my family since the plant closed; however, I have just gotten a new job and anticipate no further late payments. As you are surely aware, this city is experiencing a recession which has affected most of the businesses in the area, including ours. For this reason our payment is late. We are sorry for the inconvenience and assure you that this is a temporary condition. Due to the unexpected illness of our son and the resulting hospital bill, we have been delayed in making our payments. However, we have sold one of our cars and are submitting all past due payments plus our next two payments.

Example Phrases for Step 2