Issue Directives Concerning Studies and Investigations

Example Letter #1


Preliminary reports indicate that our new cereal will have high acceptance among 7-12 year-olds. However, we fear that the sample of respondents was too small and self-selecting, so we want to do a broader study before we can trust the data. Members of the Doe Group will be on site Monday, May 10, to discuss the problem.

Please plan to meet with the Doe representatives and work out a survey in which we can have more confidence. It is doubtful we can get financial backing without a more thorough study. Keep me apprised of your progress.

Example Letter #2


I am extremely concerned about the leveling off of sales. Please meet with each of our salespeople and review their sales records. I am most interested in what their target market is, the number of person to person contacts they have each week in their target markets, and the number of times they ask for the sale during each contact. Compile your findings in a report and have it on my desk by next Friday. I am open to any other ideas you may develop while meeting with the salespeople.

Example Letter #3


I need you to conduct a study on the advisability of our proposed expansion to the Pacific Rim market. I have enclosed Jane Doe's list of consultants. Please use this as a starting point. Jane has access to any files you may need. Please call me if you have any questions. Your report must be ready for presentation on June 15.

Example Letter #4


We have received several complaints about the Doe Gas Grill, Model #123. Some customers claim that the attachment hose poses a potential fire hazard. The complaints have come from different parts of the country, so a design feature is likely to be causing the concern.

Please get with Research and Development quickly to assess the complaints and to do a design study. Have the results to me by April 21. We need this information as soon as possible in case we have to issue a recall. Call me Friday to give me an update on your progress.

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