Issue Directives to Establish, Change or Reaffirm Policies

Sample Letter #1


It has been two years since our office building was designated "smoke free," and we appreciate your compliance with that directive. Our recent personnel questionnaire revealed that a majority of our workers want to extend the smoke-free zone to the loading docks.

Please consider this memo as our official declaration of policy to reaffirm the company's smoke-free zone in the office building, and to extend that zone to include the loading docks. Alternative sites for smokers are indicated on the attached map. You will note that with the exception of the loading docks, the areas are the same, with the addition of one place near the drying ponds. We appreciate your cooperation in making our workplace pleasant for everyone.

Sample Letter #2


Doe Corporation established an Internet connection for all its employees to facilitate communication between employees and divisions no matter how far-flung. Unfortunately, security has detected abuses. To reiterate our Internet policy: The company Internet connection is for company use only. Personal use of any kind is not authorized. Any employee caught using it for personal use is subject to discipline.

Sample Letter #3


In response to several recent unauthorized charges on the company expense accounts, I would direct your attention to section 7 of the Doe Sales Handbook. This section outlines our policy on charging purchases to the company.

Please note that all charges must be accountable to approved sales proposals. The majority of the charges our staff has made are legitimate, and I suspect that a lack of awareness of the policy accounts for many of the rest. Please pay special attention to this policy and contact me if you have any questions.

Sample Letter #4


We are concerned about the number of incidents being reported just after shift changeovers, with no one taking responsibility for them. It is therefore necessary for us to change our handover procedure. Starting on May 1, please do the following:

We hope this new procedure will solve the problems. We will appreciate your cooperation as we implement it. If you have questions or concerns, please call me.

Sample Letter #5


It has come to my attention that some employees are moving in and out of the "clean" areas of the surgical wing of the hospital without removing and replacing their overshoes and sterile gowns. Hospital policy is very clear on this point. Every time you step over the red line to enter the surgical area, you must take all the required aseptic measures, as outlined in the notices in these areas. Failure to do so endangers our patients and cannot be tolerated.

I am aware that most employees unfailingly abide by these regulations, and am confident that compliance with this very important policy will once again become universal. If you have any questions about the policy, please speak to your supervisor.

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