Endorse a Proposal or Report • Letter Examples and Guide

Copy a Letter

Example Letter #1


I have carefully reviewed your proposal for new signal lights at the intersection of Main Street and University Avenue with great interest. Your documentation of accidents and citations at that intersection is persuasive. I appreciate the care you have taken to contact local merchants and survey the residents in the area, and I concur with your recommendations. I have forwarded your proposal with my endorsement to the Planning Commission.

Example Letter #2


I enjoyed your presentation on the proposed change in our employee benefit plan. I will tell the board that I can think of no reason for not adopting it immediately. Thank you for your thorough work.

Example Letter #3


As you requested, I have reviewed the Planning Department's "Land Purchase Investigation" and I am in total agreement with its recommendation that the company purchase the adjacent vacant lands now for future plant expansion.

Example Letter #4


I have read and analyzed your proposal to provide on-site child care to employees of Doe Companies. I was impressed by your statistics on the higher retention rates for female executives in companies with such facilities. I have recommended to the Board of Directors that they approve your proposal.

Letter-Writing Tips

Supervisors or other qualified reviewers evaluate proposals before sending them to the next stage. These communications are typically brief.

Step-by-Step Guide

1 Identify what you are endorsing, give reasons for your endorsement, and indicate what will happen next.

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