Follow Up After Receiving No Response to Earlier Correspondence

Sample Letter #1


Although we spoke two months ago about the possibility of working together on a fund raising effort to buy books, I recognize that school has only recently been in session. I hope we both still share the same enthusiasm for the project. I'll be very happy to assist you in any way I can to make it a success, because I know how important it is for the students to get new books.

If you still want to pursue this idea, I suggest that you encourage the student leaders to schedule the fund raiser during the month of October, since that is the best time to sell holiday items. Please give me a call at 555-5555, if you would like me to help.

Sample Letter #2


I know that this is a busy time for contractors, but I have not yet received a response to my letter dated September 5, in which I documented the water damage that the faulty plumbing caused to our hardwood floor. It is a clear case of negligence on the part of one of your subcontractors, and we are eager to have it repaired. Since our home is still covered by your builder's warranty, we expect that you will absorb the cost of repairing the floor.

Although my first letter seems to have been misplaced in all of your correspondence, I trust that you will now give your immediate attention to this repair so we can get settled in the new home that we otherwise enjoy very much.

Sample Letter #3


Several weeks ago I requested a brochure describing your wireless security systems, but have not received a reply. I have moved now, so perhaps you sent it to my old address. I thought it would be appropriate to inform you of my new address, and to once again request a brochure.

I have heard only positive reports about your new system, and I am eager to determine whether it would be appropriate for my needs. Perhaps after I study your brochure, we can arrange a demonstration.

Sample Letter #4


Summer is an exciting and busy time of year. What with all the pool parties and barbecues, one rarely has an unengaged weekend. Imagine how much more exciting those engagements could be with the hot sounds from the '70's, '80's and '90's. With Doe Music Club, such daydreaming can be a reality. We regret you haven't snatched up the prior offers to join the Club, but we want you to have one last chance to become the life of the summer parties. Pick thirty music selections for only $1! Mark your selections on the enclosed order form. Join today!

Sample Letter #5


Over a month ago I faxed you a letter of introduction and my resume in response to your online advertisement. I fear this was not transmitted properly as I have received no reply. Please find enclosed hard copies of these documents for your perusal. I would be very pleased to receive confirmation when you have read my letter. You may reach me by telephone or fax at 555-5555.

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