Thank Someone For a Financial Donation

Sample Letter #1

We are writing to express our deep gratitude for your recent financial donation to (Name of Organization). Your commitment, and the commitment of other conscientious individuals, provides tremendous moral support for our mission. Even more significantly, of course, your contribution strengthens our ability to continue and further develop the actual programs through which we manifest our convictions.

Although it is not possible for us express the degree of our appreciation, as stated in the original fundraising letter, within the next few days, we will be sending you a (Name of Product). We hope it will serve as a small sign of our admiration for your foresight and compassion. In addition, we will send you regular updates about the developments of our programs and the successes resulting from them. Your perspective and insight are highly important to us, and we would always welcome your feedback and further contributions.

Once again, thank you for your donation. Your support means so much to (Name of Organization).

Sample Letter #2

Thank you for your kind gift. Your willingness to support the Wheelchairs for Africa Foundation will make a world of difference to the people we serve.

The money you sent is already being used to pay for simple, sturdy wheelchairs that will provide mobility for disabled children in Springfield, one of the poorest countries in Africa. I wish you could see their faces the first time they get to ride in their very own wheelchair, and the whole world opens up to them for the first time.

We hope you will enjoy the enclosed calendar with its photos of some of our grateful recipients. Their smiles will continue to be grateful for your generosity.

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