Complain About Laws, Policies, or Inefficiencies

Sample Letter #1


This spring I requested a yard waste recycling can, which I promptly paid for upon delivery. It was my understanding that the waste would be picked up each Monday and taken to the city recycling site, but I have observed that my yard waste is being dumped into the regular household garbage truck and hauled to the landfill. I object to this breach of trust. Please see that the yard waste is indeed recycled, or refund my money.

Sample Letter #2


I am upset that the city council cannot see the need for a light at the intersection of Main and Second Avenue. Because of all the growth in the last year, the traffic at that intersection has increased tenfold. Drivers become frustrated waiting for an opening in traffic to make a turn. It's just a matter of time before someone dies trying. Please have a traffic light installed at that intersection before it's too late. You will be the most appreciated councilman in Springfield, if you do. Thank you.

Sample Letter #3


I would like to register a complaint regarding the ridiculous traffic enforcement practices adopted the last three Thursday evenings at the intersection of Main and Elm streets in Springfield. On Thursdays Doe's Tavern holds an informal "Cruise In" and sells tacos at half price with the profits donated to a variety of charities. The participants, owners and admirers of customized cars and motorcycles, enjoy the weekly event because of the opportunity to show off and admire the vehicles in a friendly atmosphere. On the last three Thursdays, however, Springfield's finest have blocked Elm Street at Main to all traffic from the south. This is done, the officers say, to prevent backups at this intersection. The roadblock necessitates a long detour around the north side of Springfield, and the backup created by the roadblock stretched much further than it ever did before this enforcement began. The resentment and tension among the Cruise In's participants is an unhealthy byproduct of this silly policy. The weekly event has existed for over four years with a minimum of problems; there have been more confrontations between motorists and police as a result of this enforcement than in the last four years combined. I would very much like to see an official review of this enforcement practice. Look specifically at the efficiency of the roadblock. If the police wish to shut down Doe's Cruise In, let them attempt to do so through viable, straightforward means.

Sample Letter #4


I am unsettled by the city's lopsided enforcement of animal control laws. It is common practice for pet owners to be cited and fined for walking their pets without a leash, regardless of the pet's level of obedience. Yet, if a neighbor's dog is penned up cruelly in a yard and barks 24 hours a day, the owner faces no penalty, even in response to multiple complaints to city police and animal control officers. I would like to see a better system of response to complaints of barking or menacing dogs in the neighborhoods. Please see that this issue is discussed in the next City Council meeting. Thank you.

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