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Example Letter #1


I am the Chairman of the Springfield Legislative Oversight Committee, representing over 150 concerned senior citizens in our community. We are worried about the proposed reduction of transportation services for the elderly, many of whom can no longer drive. These senior citizens depend on the van service to transport them to medical appointments and grocery stores. This service allows them to remain in their homes rather than to take up residence in costly nursing homes. They benefit greatly from such independence and the welfare department saves significant sums of money that would otherwise go to professional caretakers.

We urge you argue against the cut in transportation services. The elderly in your district will be most appreciative and the welfare budget will stretch much further.

Example Letter #2


As a resident of Kansas and a lover of wide open spaces who wants his children to enjoy unspoiled walks in the woods, I am writing in opposition to the Wilderness Bill currently before Congress. It is a weak attempt to address an immediate need without considering long-range goals. How much longer will development take precedence over the environment? When are we going to realize how valuable and irreplaceable the unspoiled landscape is? You have always been a champion of the underdog. Now the environment needs your help. Please vote against the Wilderness Bill.

Example Letter #3


I am writing as a private citizen and outdoors person to urge you to vote against the Doe Bill coming before Congress this fall. This bill will decrease the already scant enforcement of laws regulating timber sales on public land in the upland areas of our state. In addition, it allows the timber companies less accountability to the people for the damaging methods of harvest they employ in sensitive areas. I have seen illegal clear-cuts, and I have seen slash burns destroy thousands of acres of wilderness, with no restitution made to the ultimate losers, the public. Big Timber may have the money now to support this legislation, but with the opposition of forward-thinking public servants like you, we can work toward balanced, long-term solutions to our land use issues.

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