Respond to a False Accusation from a Government Agency • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Acknowledge having received the accusing document and very briefly summarize the essence of the complaint.
2Give facts and details of the situation from your perspective, casting the problem into a new or different light.
3Close by reiterating your belief that the case is without merit.


Most persons in this situation will resolve the problem through explanation and negotiation before going to the expense of litigation. Use this letter to correct factual errors and misunderstandings in an attempt to end the conflict.

Example Letter #1


I have your letter dated May 1, 2018, alleging that I failed to register my 2018 automobile. I am sure that this is a simple clerical error. The Doe Garage inspected my vehicle on March 15, 2018, and I mailed the inspection form, the emissions report, and the license fee to the Motor Vehicle Department on March 20, 2018. I am enclosing copies of my canceled check and my new registration form. I trust this is sufficient information for you to correct your records.

Example Letter #2


I received your letter of March 12, 2018, alleging that Doe Corporation has dumped hazardous waste into the Springfield River. I am sure that by bringing a few facts to your attention we can resolve this matter quickly.

Doe does not manufacture or handle any hazardous waste. We process and can food. Moreover, we dispose of any liquids or materials used in processing and canning through a waste management system built in compliance with Federal and State waste disposal regulations. The system functions very well, is economical, and results in a solution many local farmers use as organic fertilizer. Doe has no need, economic or otherwise, to dump hazardous waste.

I invite you to tour our plant and review our records before you pursue your allegations. I am sure you will find that they are without basis in fact.

Example Letter #3


I have received two notices of delinquent payment, dated November 20 and December 20, on a student loan account I never opened. While it is true that I recently graduated from the University of Springfield, I never received any form of Student Financial Aid. I have included photocopies of registrar's receipts; you will see that none of the receipts reflects the use of student loan monies. Please check all my personal information against your records. I am certain you will discover that this is a simple mistake. It is very important to me, in addition, that this clerical error does not appear as a negative mark on my credit rating. Thank you for your cooperation.


Give facts and details of the situation from your perspective, casting the problem into a new or different light.

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