Extend Labor Day Greetings to Employees • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Acknowledge the occasion.
2Express thanks for the employee's hard work and loyalty. Mention specific accomplishments or areas of expertise.
3End with a final word of good wishes for the holiday.


The Labor Day letter is an opportunity to acknowledge an employee's value. This holiday is designed to honor working people, and it is an excellent time to foster goodwill. Do not place too much stress on the employee's subordinate position.

Example Letter #1


As the entire country celebrates Labor Day, we want to take a moment to recognize the employees of Doe Corporation. We are proud to work with such a dedicated, talented, and hard-working group. You were all handpicked from among the best we could find.

We can all be proud of what we have accomplished this past year, both individually and collectively. Now on this special day, we hope you can enjoy the rewards of hard work with your family and friends. Have a great weekend and return safely.

Example Letter #2


In its 130-year history, Doe Manufacturing has expanded its operations from a one-man shop to its current status as a major employer and leader in the manufacturing industry. We recognize that the hard work of scores of dedicated employees has made this remarkable growth possible. This week the nation will celebrate Labor Day. We join in that celebration and honor you for your part in our success. We can accomplish great things when we work together. Have an enjoyable holiday and drive safely.

Example Letter #3


Generally, Labor Day passes all too quickly as the third day off in a three-day weekend. This year, however, I want to remind you that Labor Day is a time to recognize the laborer. That's you. I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for doing your jobs honestly and efficiently this past year. Indeed, each of you plays an important role in this company and contributes to our collective success. Please accept my best wishes for each of you and have a safe and fun three-day weekend!

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step


Acknowledge the occasion.

Example Sentences for Step 1

Example Phrases for Step 1


Express thanks for the employee's hard work and loyalty. Mention specific accomplishments or areas of expertise.

Example Sentences for Step 2

Example Phrases for Step 2

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