Extend Holiday or Winter Season's Greetings to Friends

Sample Letter #1


At this time of year when the air is filled with music and the smell of holiday cooking, our thoughts turn to good friends who add joy to our lives. It is a time to reminisce, and we have been doing a lot of it lately. We laugh when we think of the time John ate that big potato and when Jane decorated the kitchen with mistletoe. Our hearts fill with gratitude when we think of how you helped Eric during his illness. Those were wonderful times.

This year we have enjoyed watching Eric learn to walk. Fred turned six and entered first grade. Jane surprised us by resigning from Doe Corporation to go back to school. John continues to teach, but finds time to swim, read, and play with the kids. We hope you are all in good health. We wish you the best that this holiday season can offer.

Sample Letter #2


This holiday season always brings tender memories to mind, and thoughts of kind and unselfish friends like you refresh us and give us renewed courage. Thank you for being such dear friends. We are continuing your holiday tradition of sharing a gift of self, the idea you taught us when we were newly married. Every member of our family now participates, including our grandchildren. We send our love and best wishes to all.

Sample Letter #3


Best wishes for success and happiness in the New Year. This past year has brought Eric and me such joy; we are hoping our good fortune holds for years to come. The high point of our year had to be welcoming our first baby into the world. We do hope you'll be able to stop by and make his acquaintance. We sure could use some child-rearing tips.

I hope this year holds untold promise for you, Mary. Heaven only knows there's no one more deserving. Happy New Year!

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