Extend Mother's Day or Father's Day Greetings (Personal) • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Open with a greeting, and acknowledge the occasion.
2Share a memory with your parent or spouse. Tell how you feel, why you love him or her, and add your wishes for a happy day.
3Reiterate your good wishes and close.


Send a Mother's Day or Father's Day letter with an appropriate printed card or alone. With this personalized letter you can expand on the traditional "Happy. . ." wish. This letter provides an opportunity to recall good memories of time spent with your parent or spouse. This is not a time to be shy. Tell your parent or spouse what makes him or her special to you.

Example Letter #1


Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I miss you and wish I could drop in for one of your hugs. I want you to know how lucky I feel to have you for a mother. Even with our large family you always had time to listen to my concerns and help me with my school problems. I even remember all the times you waited up for me when I was dating Jane. I understand now how much you cared for us all.

I especially appreciate the way you taught me to work. I wasn't always a willing worker, but you knew what I needed to learn. I hope I can have the same kind of patience with my own children. I am very blessed to have you for my mother. Happy Mother's Day! With all my love.

Example Letter #2


I know you like to get those cartoon cards with the clever verses, but this time I want the message to be my own. I wish I really knew the best way to tell you how important you are to me, because I have looked up to you all my life. I've wanted to do things the way you do them, to treat others like you do, and to earn and hold respect the way you have. You've set a high standard that I hope someday to meet. Thanks for making me look up. I love you very much. Happy Father's Day!

Example Letter #3


Happy Mother's Day to the newest mother in our family. Your father and I are very grateful to you for our first grandchild. We have talked many times of how young and inexperienced we were when you were born, but look how well you have turned out. You have always been one of our greatest joys. Our prayer is that you will thoroughly enjoy your years as a mother. Happy Mother's Day, this day and all year long.

Example Letter #4


Happy Father's Day. There's no Husband's Day, you know, so I only have to be mushy once a year. Here goes. You're a wonderful husband and father. I knew when I married you that you would be a good father and you have never disappointed me. Thanks for making time for the kids. Thanks for being a fine example for them. They adore you. Thanks for being a thoughtful husband. I think you're "rad," to use the words of your youngest son. Happy Father's Day.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step


Open with a greeting, and acknowledge the occasion.

Example Sentences for Step 1

Example Phrases for Step 1


Share a memory with your parent or spouse. Tell how you feel, why you love him or her, and add your wishes for a happy day.

Example Sentences for Step 2

I can't help but think about the first few times we went fishing together. You must have been so frustrated with me. I am so grateful for those times and I want to share some more fishing time with you, Dad. I have chartered a boat so we can do some deep-sea fishing on the coast. Happy Father's Day! Mom, I really wish we could come out to see you and Dad for Mother's Day. I definitely liked it better when we all were together in the same town. I always remember the year we tried to have a Mother's Day picnic and nothing seemed to go right. But despite the rain and the parking ticket and the smashed cake, you made us feel as if it were the best Mother's Day ever. Well, I hope that you'll have a great Mother's Day this year. I love you, Mom. Now that I am a dad too, I am beginning to realize how difficult it must have been for you to spend as much time as you did with John and me. As a kid, I didn't think much about the many demands on your time, but you managed to get in a lot of quality time with us. I admire you and thank you for that. Mother, I am just now coming to realize how much I love and appreciate you. All my life you have stood behind me and provided me with the strength of your will and character. You have given me so much good in my life! I wish you the very best Mother's Day ever! Even though we have rarely seen eye-to-eye, and at times have fought tooth and nail, you must know how important you are to me. I remember the time I learned about respect from you. We were arguing about my moving out, and at a certain point your eyes lighted up. You folded your arms and backed off. I knew that while you didn't understand or approve, you respected my right to choose. I hope to show that same respect to my children. Thank you, Dad, and happy Father's Day! Everything I know about being a good person I learned from you. You were always the one willing to drop what you were doing to help a sick neighbor, or to put on the Den Mother hat. I never saw you refuse anyone a favor. It's a wonder you didn't collapse from exhaustion. This Mother's Day I am coming over and want you to leave everything to me. I'm going to pamper you. John, on your first Father's Day I want to tell you how much I love you and what a great father I know you will be. Before Eric was born I believed you'd make a good daddy, but seeing you with our son proves it. He is a lucky boy to have a Dad like you.

Example Phrases for Step 2


Reiterate your good wishes and close.

Example Sentences for Step 3

Example Phrases for Step 3

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