Introduce a Business or Professional Contact • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


This should be a brief, friendly letter. It should not imply that your reader has an obligation to meet with the contact, but it does show your interest and consideration. Your reader must retain the option of acting on this information based on his or her own needs and desires. This is not a letter of reference, so include only information relevant to the occasion.

How to write this introduction letter:

  1. Introduce the contact in an appealing way.
  2. Briefly tell the reader about your experience with the contact.
  3. Without obligating your reader, suggest a plausible plan of action. Tell your reader anything you have told the contact.
  4. End with a positive expression.

Example Letter #1


When I saw you last, you asked me to keep an eye open for the right kind of tour guide to work out of your public relations office. As you put it, "I'm looking for a geologist with a broad smile." I thought I'd drop you this quick note to tell you about a charming new student of mine who fits the bill perfectly.

His name is John Doe. A rock hound since childhood, he has impressed professors here at the university as one of the most diligent graduate students to come through our program in years. His affable manner suits him well for work in public relations. Just last week I had the good luck of working shoulder to shoulder with John in the field on an extended trip, and I can vouch for him as the kind of fellow you want to have along on long shifts or in cramped quarters. I believe he could brighten up even the dankest coal shaft with his good humor alone. I thought I first ought to let you know just who's sending him your way, so I suggested he call you at your office sometime after the weekend. I'm curious to see if your impressions of him don't match my own. Please let me know if you still need me to keep looking. I'm happy to be of help.

Example Letter #2


I was happy to hear you finally decided to build a home. Such a project can be a very rewarding experience, but it is important that you choose the right contractors. I'd like you to meet John Doe, the contractor who painted our home. I heard he was the best painter in town, and now I have good evidence to back up that claim.

I told him you might be calling, but would like to see his work and talk to some of his recent customers before making a choice. I can't say enough good about John's work and am confident that you will feel the same.

Example Letter #3


Last month while attending the convention in Centerville, I met Ms. Jane Doe. She is the director of marketing for Doe and Associates in Springfield and has been responsible for marketing several successful products.

She has excellent ideas about how to present our product. I think it would be in our best interest to talk with her more about hiring her firm for marketing. I am confident you will be as impressed as I was.

Example Letter #4


You may be interested in meeting Jane Doe, an excellent freelance writer I have worked with in the past. She helped us complete our project within the deadline, and I have been very pleased with her work.

I gave Jane your card and suggested she might be of assistance to you. I'm sure you will not regret meeting with her to discuss your project.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Introduce the contact in an appealing way.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • When we met in Chicago you mentioned you were interested in expanding operations into Europe. With that in mind I am pleased to introduce to you a long-time consultant of mine, John Doe.
  • After our phone call last month, in which you said you've had problems getting your new products noticed in the market place, I thought you might want to get acquainted with John Doe.
  • Let me introduce you to Jane Doe of The Doe Agency. I think she may have some interesting ideas regarding the concerns you mentioned on the phone last week. Of course I did not give her any details.
  • I have written this letter to introduce Mr. John Doe, a computer analyst from Springfield. He has some ideas I think you may find quite interesting
  • My colleague, Jane Doe, will be in Springfield in a few weeks. She could be very helpful in wrapping up the projects you've described to me in our recent phone calls.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • a long-time colleague of mine
  • after our phone conversation
  • am pleased to introduce
  • are looking for someone who can
  • are having problems with
  • could help with some of the problems you mentioned
  • could perhaps benefit from
  • has been most helpful in
  • has some interesting ideas
  • has a fine reputation for
  • have a high regard for
  • is especially suited to
  • is a first-rate
  • last time I saw you
  • let me introduce
  • may be exactly what you are looking for
  • may wish to consider
  • mentioned being interested in
  • mentioned that you are
  • might be interested in meeting
  • sticking my neck out
  • wish to introduce

2 Briefly tell the reader about your experience with the contact.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • Over the last three years, I've had the opportunity of working with Mr. Doe on several very successful campaigns.
  • She has done extensive work for our firm and has helped us earn an additional $30,000 in each of the last five quarters.
  • He is a marketing analyst with one of the major firms in Kansas. We have benefited greatly from his insight over the last two and a half years.
  • Mr. Doe's ideas have worked well for our firm over the last seven months. They have helped increase our quality control efficiency by more than 20%.
  • She's shown herself to be a designer of unique vision. She has done a great deal of work for us over the last eighteen months, and we have been more than happy with what she has come up with.
  • We felt her ideas might work very well with a firm the size of yours.
  • We have found that her unusual perspective has helped us break some exciting new ground.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • a fine reputation for
  • a long-time colleague
  • am completely satisfied that
  • an expert in the field
  • can do anything in the field
  • competent and dedicated
  • had the opportunity to work with
  • has worked on several successful
  • has made great contributions to
  • has helped us to
  • has experience with similar
  • has done extensive research into
  • have nothing but praise for
  • have benefited greatly from
  • have been very pleased with
  • may be just the person to
  • one of the most knowledgeable
  • over the last few years
  • services have been invaluable
  • was in charge of
  • worked closely with

3 Without obligating your reader, suggest a plausible plan of action. Tell your reader anything you have told the contact.

Sample Sentences for Step 3
  • He will be in Springfield at the end of next month. If you would like to meet with him, please call me, and I'll give you more information. I told him you have a busy schedule, so he realizes you may not be able to meet with him.
  • Since I don't know your schedule, I told her she would have to hope you might have some free time.
  • I gave him your card and told him he might have better luck sending you a fax or an e-mail message a week ahead of time. He'll be in town from April 30 through May 3.
  • I would appreciate it if you could give her a few minutes of your time. She'll be in your area near the end of October. Please let me know if you have time, and I'll have her give you or your secretary a call to set up an appointment.
  • I told her you would call if you were interested. Her phone number is 555-5555. I think a visit with her may be well worth the time.
  • Next time you are in Springfield, you might want to look him up. I'm including one of his cards.
  • If you have any openings in your public relations department, you'd be wise to consider Ms. Doe for a position.
  • I would greatly appreciate any help you could give him while he's looking for employment in the Springfield area.
Sample Phrases for Step 3
  • arrange for you to meet
  • could possibly be the answer to
  • could be of assistance
  • could be just what you need to
  • gave him your office number
  • gave her your card
  • get in touch with
  • grant her a few minutes
  • have not yet discussed this with
  • if you were to meet with
  • if you would consider
  • may profit you to
  • may be just the person to
  • might be worthwhile to
  • might want to consider
  • might want to look him up
  • please let me know if
  • to give you a call
  • to set up an appointment
  • told him to
  • told her that
  • under no obligation to
  • understand perfectly if
  • will be in Springfield
  • would appreciate your
  • would be worth your while to

4 End with a positive expression.

Sample Sentences for Step 4
  • I am confident you will come to appreciate her expertise, as I have.
  • I hope you will be as impressed with her as we have been.
  • I hope you will have a few minutes to see him; he is really talented.
  • I urge you to give her an appointment. I haven't met many designers with her talent.
  • I think a meeting with her would be well worth your time.
  • I urge you to give him a few minutes of your time. It could be a very rewarding meeting.
Sample Phrases for Step 4
  • am sure you will
  • could be most profitable
  • could benefit from
  • glad to be able to
  • have a high regard for
  • hope you will
  • is my pleasure to
  • is rare to come across such a
  • rewarding move on your part
  • urge you to
  • will not regret
  • will be happy to
  • will enjoy meeting
  • will be as impressed as
  • would be well worth the effort