Extend an Invitation to Speak or Perform

Sample Letter #1


Each year Doe Corporation holds a summer retreat for all division managers to reevaluate their programs and plan for fall sales events. This year we are focusing on time management. We know of your expertise in this area and hope that you will accept our invitation to present a half-day workshop for our managers during the morning of July 15. We know you have a heavy schedule, but perhaps our early invitation will fit in your calendar.

We will meet in the main conference room of the Doe Hotel in Springfield. You will be our only presenter. We invite you to answer questions that afternoon, but we understand if that is not possible. Our managers are eager to learn from you.

We can offer you an honorarium of $1,000 plus reimbursement of travel expenses. I think you will find your visit to Springfield and the retreat a stimulating experience.

It would be very helpful in formalizing our plans if we could receive you response by January 1. We sincerely hope you will be able to join us on July 15.

Sample Letter #2


Every year the Doe Modern Arts Association holds an awards night to honor accomplished artists in our state. For this year's program, we will feature new and progressive artistic groups like yours.

In a matter of one year, your vocal group has become well known for its unique style and fantastic range. We will be honored if you will help us celebrate this year's accomplishments in modern art by performing two selections for us on the evening of October 2.

If you can accept our invitation, we will be happy to pay for your travel and lodging. We must make final plans by August 15, so we will appreciate your early reply.

Sample Letter #3


Doe's is holding its annual Outdoors Exposition, which showcases the goods and services available to outdoors enthusiasts in Springfield. As part of the program we are featuring several noted athletes and outdoors personalities. We would be honored if you would present a slideshow of your experiences in the Andes Mountains on the evening of May 14. The event takes place in Doe Park, and the Park Theater people have graciously lent their space for slideshows and workshops.

I have seen your excellent slideshow and narration before, so I know we could add little in the way of equipment or service. We are prepared to offer what I understand is your usual fee, $200. It would be very helpful if we could have your answer by April 1, so that we may print posters and prepare other print ads. We are very hopeful that you will be able to join us. Your presentation would make an excellent addition to the Exposition.

Sample Letter #4


We are writing to invite you to perform some of your beautiful solo cello compositions at our wedding celebration on February 14, at about 7:00 p.m. We have both seen and heard you play on a number of occasions, and have been moved by your work.

The wedding is to be held in a very intimate setting, with only about 30 people in attendance. We hope you will play about 20 minutes of prelude music before the actual ceremony, and then an interlude piece which my fiancee and I agree is our favorite. We will be able to pay you $100, and of course you are invited to join us at dinner afterwards. If you are willing to play for us please let us know by January 1. If we do not hear from you we will understand you decline. We do sincerely hope you will wish to play for us.

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