Decline an Invitation to Join an Organization - Letters

Example Letter #1


I am honored that you would extend an invitation to me to join the Raven Lodge. I have tremendous respect for all you have done for our community, but I am not able to accept your invitation at this time. I have recently accepted a lay appointment in my church, which requires my participation on Thursday evenings. In a sense, my work there complements the work of the Lodge.

Perhaps when my current term of service is over, I will be able to reconsider your offer, if it still stands. Thank you for considering me. I wish you success in all your endeavors.

Example Letter #2


Thank you for your kindness in asking me to join your lodge. Because other commitments require my attention on Tuesday evenings, I regret that I cannot accept the invitation at this time. If you would consider me for membership again next year, it is probable that I could join. Please accept my sincere wishes for continued success.

Example Letter #3


I was flattered by your invitation to join such a worthwhile organization such as the Springfield Women's League. I have nothing but the highest esteem for your group. However, I am unable to join because of my family obligations. I'm not sure I can handle another commitment in addition to raising my young children.

Perhaps in a few years my time will again be my own. At that time, I would wholeheartedly accept your generous invitation. Best wishes for the League's continued success.

Letter-Writing Tips

The organization's members undoubtedly feel they are extending a valuable offer to you. Therefore, express appreciation for the opportunity that you cannot accept at this time and show respect for the organization.

Step-by-Step Guide

1 Express appreciation for the invitation and your regard for the organization. Explain briefly why you cannot join.

  • I am honored that you would consider me for membership in your organization. Although I am aware of the good you accomplish in our community, I must decline because I have other church commitments that occupy my time on Thursday evenings.
  • At any other time I would quickly accept your invitation to join because of the respect I have for your organization. However, my current commitments are so time consuming that I must decline this time.
  • I am flattered that you would consider me qualified for membership in your organization. I wish I could accept the invitation, but we will soon be moving from the community.
  • My sincere thanks for your invitation to join your organization. Unfortunately, I must decline at this time. My current affiliation with the realty association could present a conflict of interest.
  • accept my sincere thanks for
  • am very much aware of
  • am afraid I must decline
  • am honored that
  • am flattered that
  • at any other time
  • current commitments are
  • felt honored by your
  • for membership in
  • in your plans for
  • inviting me to
  • must decline this time
  • must regretfully decline
  • must turn you down at this time
  • my current affiliation with
  • respect I have for your
  • thank you for
  • that you would ask me to
  • that you would consider me for
  • that you consider me qualified
  • the good that you accomplish
  • to receive your invitation
  • was surprised and honored
  • wish I could accept
  • would quickly accept
  • your request that I consider
  • your invitation to join
  • your kind invitation

2 Wish the organization success and express interest in possible affiliation with it in the future.

  • Please accept my best wishes for future success.
  • Thank you for thinking of me and best wishes in all your endeavors.
  • I know your organization will continue to make a great contribution to our community.
  • I will be following your activities. Perhaps I will be able to participate in the future.
  • Best wishes! I hope you will consider me for membership again when circumstances allow.
  • am sure that you
  • am certain that you
  • be an inspiration to
  • best wishes for your success
  • for thinking of me
  • for your future success
  • hope to be able to
  • in all your endeavors
  • keep up the good work
  • make a real difference to
  • make a great contribution to
  • participate in the future
  • please accept my best wishes
  • sincere wishes for
  • support your activities
  • thank you once more
  • when circumstances change
  • will continue to
  • wish you continuing success
  • wish you well

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