Extend a Job Offer - Letters

Example Letter #1


Welcome to Doe Corporation. We are pleased to extend an offer of employment to you in the position of executive secretary at a starting salary of $28,000 per year, which is a biweekly salary of $1076.92. You will report directly to Jane Doe in our corporate division. Doe employs only the most qualified people in the industry, and you were chosen from a group of excellent candidates.

To help you sign up for a complete benefits package, our human resources department will help you choose the health and dental insurance program that will serve you best. You will also be eligible to participate in our profit sharing plan.

The United States government requires us to verify your employment eligibility before you can begin work. Please fill out and bring the enclosed I-9 form and proper identification with you on your first day. Report directly to the human resource department.

Please signify your acceptance of this offer by signing in the space below on both copies of this letter. Return one copy within two weeks of the date of this letter and retain the second copy for your files. After we receive your letter, we can take the final steps in the hiring process.

If you have any questions about this offer, feel free to call me at 555-5555. We look forward to your acceptance of this offer and to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Example Letter #2


Congratulations! After a lengthy process you have been chosen to fill the position of Executive Director. Because this is a high profile position which requiring contact with many key business people, congressional leaders, and the general public, many hours were spent in determining who would be the best candidate for the job. Your past experience and education, combined with your enthusiasm for our cause, show you to be the best choice.

As Executive Director, you will have many exciting opportunities to meet with and educate the public about issues which are central to understanding what makes individuals perform at optimal levels. In addition, you will have occasion to meet with congressional leaders to lobby for policies which continue to benefit the less fortunate. As a precaution, however, let me remind you that our conflict of interest policy requires that you suspend all private practice engagements until your tenure as Executive Director is over.

Please notify me in writing at the above address within the next two weeks regarding your decision. Should you decide to accept this offer, we can discuss further arrangements to complete the hiring process. I look forward to your prompt response and hope that I may have the pleasure of working with you.

Example Letter #3


I am very pleased to be able to offer you a job leading our service department. Your starting salary will be $40,000 per annum. Your first day will be January 13. The federal government requires that you provide proof of identification and of your eligibility for employment within three days of your start date. Please be prepared to do this when you meet with Jane Doe for your orientation on January 13. By signing and returning one copy of this letter, you indicate that you accept the offer and all the terms and conditions contained herein and discussed in our formal interviews. I look forward to working with you.

Example Letter #4


On behalf of Doe Corporation I am pleased to extend this offer of employment at our Springfield office. Doe Corporation is offering you the position of administrative assistant beginning April 1, 2019. As we discussed in our call earlier today, you will be paid an hourly salary of $10. Enclosed is a copy of the standard employee agreement. As previously mentioned, you will be asked to sign the agreement as a condition of employment.

Doe Corporation is mandated to comply with the 1986 Immigration and Control Act. Therefore, this offer is contingent upon your supplying original documents proving U.S. citizenship or the authority to work in the United States. Please examine the "Employer Review and Verification" section of the enclosed Form I-9 for the types of documents that we will need to review at your orientation.

Please inform us in writing of your decision to accept employment as soon as possible. This offer will expire in one week.

Example Letter #5


This letter will confirm the terms and conditions of the verbal offer of regular full-time employment tendered to you, valid for your written acceptance on or before September 15, 2019. The offered position is administrative assistant, reporting to Jane Doe, vice president of development. Your starting salary will be $2000 per month, paid bimonthly on the first and fifteenth of each month for work performed during the previous month.

As a new employee, your first six months of employment at Doe Corporation will be considered an introductory period. After you have completed this period, the Doe Corporation will conduct a performance review to ensure that expectations are being met by both the employee and the employer.

This offer is contingent on the completion of a reference check verifying your professional and educational background and eligibility to work legally in the United States. We look forward to your acceptance of this offer and to your first day of employment September 20, 2019.

Example Letter #6


Doe Corporation is pleased to offer the opportunity for you to share in our vision and join our team. We are confident that your skills and experience in the area of computer programming will be an asset to our company.


Beginning as soon as possible but not later than May 31, 2019, Doe Corporation will employ you as a Senior Programmer located in our Software Development Office in Springfield. You will report directly to John Doe, Manager, Software Development, Kansas.


As compensation for your services, your starting salary will be $5000 monthly. Our standard pay schedule is on the fifteenth and last day of each month. Doe Corporation will also give you $4000 as a one-time moving allowance.


During the first year of your employment you will be subject to two formal reviews of performance: one after three months, and the other after twelve months, when your salary will also be reviewed. During the second and subsequent years of your employment, you will have one annual performance and salary review.


In addition to your salary and moving allowance, the Company will recommend to the Board of Directors that you be granted options to purchase 5,000 shares of Doe Corporation stock subject to the Company's 2019 Stock Option Plan. Each stock option grant requires the approval of the Board of Directors and will be voted on at the next board meeting.


You will be entitled to all medical benefits as offered to Doe Corporation employees as well as Flexible Time Off as defined in the employee handbook. As a new employee you will be eligible for fifteen days of FTO the first year. Additionally, upon completion of six (6) months of employment with Doe Corporation, you will also be able to participate in the Company's 401 (k) Retirement Plan.


Your employment and compensation with Doe Corporation are "at will" in that they can be terminated with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time, at the option of either Doe Corporation or yourself, except as otherwise provided by law. The terms of this offer letter, therefore, do not and are not intended to create either an express and/or implied contract of employment with Doe Corporation. During the first three months, in the event your employment is terminated, you shall receive only your unpaid salary and accrued vacation. After three months, if your employment is terminated other than for cause, you shall receive additional remuneration equivalent to two-weeks' base salary, in lieu of notice or severance.


This letter is deemed as an offer of employment with Doe Corporation. If you accept the offer described in this letter by Doe Corporation, please indicate by your signature below. You will also be requested to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and a notice of intent to comply with the Doe Corporation policies as described in the Employee Handbook. This offer is valid for seven (7) days from the date of this letter.

Letter-Writing Tips

Your written job offer eliminates misunderstandings and clarifies important details. Use this opportunity to make the applicant feel positive about employment with you. In discussing the offer, be careful not to imply more than you are sure you can deliver. Also, you may want to use this letter to ask your reader to provide proof of legal employment eligibility.

Step-by-Step Guide

1 Extend the offer, indicating your pleasure in being able to do so.

  • On behalf of Springfield College, I am pleased to offer you a position as an Assistant Professor of Botany, beginning fall semester 2019 at a 9-month salary of $34,000.
  • I am happy to inform you that the Doe School can offer you the position of Instructor for the 2018-2019 school year.
  • Doe Industries is pleased to approve your application for the position of Store Manager in our downtown location.
  • Congratulations on being selected as our new Women's Basketball Coach. We hope you will join us at Doe College and that our salary offer of $45,000 meets your expectations.
  • After an extensive search for the right person, we are very pleased to offer you the position of rehabilitation therapist at the Doe Clinic. Your salary will be $38,000 per annum.
  • after an extensive search
  • am happy to inform you
  • am pleased to
  • at an annual salary of
  • being selected as our new
  • congratulations on
  • hope you will join us at
  • hope you will find the terms acceptable
  • hourly wage will be
  • if you accept the position
  • includes the following benefits
  • monthly salary will be
  • on behalf of
  • pleased to approve your
  • salary package includes
  • salary will be
  • to be paid weekly
  • to offer you the position of
  • to offer you a position as
  • your application for employment

2 Describe opportunities that this employment will give the person and define any special conditions or limitations on his or her employment.

  • Your employment here will give you an opportunity to associate with some of the brightest minds in the industry.
  • This position is one that will put you in touch with many community leaders, giving our company welcome exposure.
  • Your enthusiasm and desire to excel more than make up for your lack of experience. We will be happy to train you.
  • Along with your teaching responsibilities, you will have the opportunity to engage in independent research. We hope you will take that opportunity for professional growth.
  • As sales increase, you will be eligible for bonuses and salary increases at a rate to be determined by the board each January.
  • Twice a year each manager is evaluated on the basis of gross sales and employee satisfaction. These evaluations are the basis for future bonuses and salary increases.
  • Each instructor is expected to maintain regular office hours and be available for committee meetings and other consultations throughout the week.
  • As a condition of your employment, you will be required to sign and abide by a nondisclosure agreement.
  • after much consideration
  • along with your regular responsibilities
  • although the selection was difficult
  • although many of the applicants were
  • as a condition of employment
  • as you can imagine
  • confident that we have
  • decided in your favor
  • decision was a difficult one
  • difficult to choose from
  • during the hiring process
  • expect all employees to
  • expected to engage in
  • expected to maintain
  • feel that you will
  • had many applicants for
  • have the personal qualities that
  • hope you will take the opportunity to
  • important to find the right
  • is of paramount importance
  • made all the difference
  • many qualified applicants
  • need to be available for
  • on no account will employees
  • opportunities for professional growth
  • performance evaluations are the basis for
  • performance will be evaluated on the basis of
  • responsibilities will include
  • selected from the field of
  • the hiring committee selected
  • the selection process
  • this position is one that
  • to sign and abide by
  • were well qualified
  • will be required to
  • will put you in touch with
  • will have the opportunity to
  • will be eligible for
  • will be responsible for
  • will be expected to
  • will give you an opportunity to
  • your qualifications and experience

3 In conformance with the Immigration Control and Reform Act of 1986, ask your prospective employee to arrive prepared to submit proof of employment eligibility on the first day of work. If necessary, provide a list of acceptable documents as outlined on the U.S. Department of Justice's Immigration and Naturalization Service Form I-9.

  • The federal government requires that we verify your employment eligibility before you can begin work. Please complete the accompanying Form I-9 and bring the appropriate documents with you on your first day of work.
  • Accepting this offer indicates that you have the legal right to work in the United States and that you can provide the supporting documentation within three working days from your date of hire.
  • You can prove employment eligibility by providing one document from list A or one document each from both lists B and C, as outlined on the enclosed I-9 form.
  • On your first day of work, please arrive with the enclosed I-9 form filled out and proof of your employment eligibility.
  • Due to federal laws governing employment, we must verify your eligibility for employment in the United States prior to beginning work. Hence, you will find the paperwork and instructions to help you provide us with this information enclosed in your employee information packet. We will appreciate your compliance.
  • In order to meet the federal employment eligibility requirement, please supply us with the necessary documents that will prove both your identification and your employment eligibility. I have enclosed a list of acceptable documents for this purpose.
  • Upon accepting this offer, you must provide us with proof of your eligibility for employment in the United States before beginning work. Please review the enclosed I-9 form and bring the appropriate identification on your first day.
  • We make this offer contingent upon your eligibility to provide proof of your identity and legal right to work in the United States.
  • a list of acceptable documents
  • appreciate your compliance with
  • are required to
  • before you can start work
  • bring the appropriate identification
  • bring the appropriate documents
  • complete the accompanying form
  • must provide us with
  • on your first day of work
  • prior to your starting work
  • proof of your eligibility to
  • prove employment eligibility by
  • provide supporting documentation
  • submit proof of your
  • the federal government requires
  • this offer is contingent upon your
  • to work in the United States
  • verify your eligibility for employment
  • your providing proof of
  • your visa status

4 Explain other steps to be taken to secure employment.

  • In order to receive full benefits you will have to sign up in our personnel office within thirty days of starting work.
  • Please come to the department office Monday morning before classes resume so we can orient you and take you to the benefits office.
  • I suggest that you arrive before August 25 to get settled in before our workshops begin.
  • After you sign and return the copy of this letter, we will send you a contract. We look forward to years of productive work with you.
  • You should report at 8:00 a.m. Friday, March 1 to Mr. Doe in Suite A of our headquarters located at 1600 Main Street. We are looking forward to meeting you then.
  • As you know, we hope to open the new plant soon. I have arranged a meeting with your supervisor for May 29. Please come to my office by 8:30 a.m., and we will go together to his office.
  • a contract
  • as soon as you arrive
  • at our headquarters, located at
  • before our workshops begin
  • contact the personnel office
  • detailed information about
  • have arranged a meeting with
  • in order to receive
  • let us know
  • look forward to
  • meet your supervisor for
  • please come to my office by
  • please come to the department office
  • report to the
  • should report at
  • sign and return the copy of
  • suggest that you arrive before
  • to seeing you on
  • to working with you
  • will send you
  • will need to sign up for
  • will introduce you to
  • within 30 days of starting work

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