Respond to a Job Offer, Negotiating Conditions

Example Letter #1


Thank you for offering me the position of Director of Engineering for Doe. I would be delighted to affiliate myself with such a dynamic and innovative company.

When we discussed the position, you mentioned the opportunities for profit-sharing and stock options. Participating in these is very important to me but I did not see any mention of them in your offer. I need to know if these are available to me as a member of your management team.

I would appreciate hearing from you regarding this, but in any case I will call you early next week. I look forward to getting this resolved and joining your team.

Example Letter #2


I was pleased to receive your offer of a position at Doe. I have wanted to work for your company for some time.

I will be able to start work on August 1, as you requested in your letter, but my daughter will be undergoing major surgery in the middle of August, and I will need to take ten days off work. I can either start work on the first of September or, if you prefer, I could take ten days leave in August. I am happy to accept all the other conditions as outlined in your letter.

I will call on Friday to discuss my starting date. I am very much looking forward to seeing you again and to meeting my co-workers.

Example Letter #3


Thank you for offering me a position with Doe. I am excited to work for such an outstanding company and look forward to making my own contribution.

When I asked about tuition benefits at the interview, you offered to find out if I would be eligible to receive them. Since I am already two semesters into my degree, I am anxious to know whether I qualify. I am confident that my completing my MBA will be of real benefit to the company. Please let me know about this as soon as possible. I will try to call you on Friday, June 3.

Example Letter #4


I want to thank you for offering me the position of computer specialist with your company. I am eager to get started and learn the responsibilities of the work projects. With the qualifications I have to offer, I am confident I will be able to make a meaningful contribution.

Overall, I am pleased with the conditions we have already discussed. However, I feel that further negotiations are needed regarding certain conditions of my employment. If we come to the negotiating table prepared to listen to each other's recommendations with open minds, I am confident that we can reach a mutual agreement in a short amount of time.

Once again, I want to thank you for offering me this position. I know that this will be a great career move for me, and I just want to make sure that I clearly understand the details of my responsibilities and duties before my employment begins. I believe that negotiating the conditions of my employment now will make my transition smoother into your company. I look forward to meeting with you in person soon, so that we may initiate this process without delay.

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