Notify a Customer That You Have Shipped an Order

Sample Letter #1


Today we shipped your order for six dozen pink vases, so you should receive them within ten days. Our Springfield warehouse will ship your order for red vases within two weeks. Enclosed is the invoice for today's shipment, which is payable upon receipt. If you have questions, please call me at 555-5555. We appreciate doing business with you.

Sample Letter #2


Thank you for your patronage. This letter is to confirm that your order from Doe Books has been filled and should arrive within 15 days. Shipping books at the book rate generally slows delivery.

As you know, payment in full ($20.75) is due by the end of the month. Thank you for doing business with Doe. We look forward to serving you again.

Sample Letter #3


I have completed your order for two Doe's Wunderhiker custom backpacks and they will be shipped out today via third-class mail, per your request. The package should arrive within five business days. Thank you for choosing Doe's for your outdoor needs.

Sample Letter #4


Enclosed please find your order of 40 pounds of Doe's Premium BBQ Brisket. All our meat is packed fresh and shipped by refrigerated airfreight to ensure the best possible final product. Your invoice includes the cost of shipping. We stake our reputation on premium meats, shipped fresh, so if there is any problem with your order, please let us know about it. We will refund your money or credit you on your next order. As always, it is a pleasure serving you.

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