Demand Satisfaction on a Mail Order Transaction Gone Bad (Suspected Mail Fraud) • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


When problems arise with a mail order company, a clear, concise letter stating the problem and requesting action will usually yield results. If, however, the company is committing fraud, it may be difficult to get your money back without harsher measures.

How to write this order letter:

  1. State the problem. If a product is involved, name it.
  2. Provide all necessary explanatory details.
  3. Clarify exactly what action you expect the reader to take, or what action you will take if the reader does not resolve problem by a specific date. Do not make threats that you cannot or will not follow up on.

Example Letter #1


This will confirm my message left on your answering machine this date. I received a set of Christmas china ordered from page 11 of your November catalog. The catalog description is for "beautifully hand-painted china." What I received is poorly painted, mismatched, and of inferior quality. You offer a money-back guarantee if not satisfied. I am, therefore, returning the merchandise for a full refund of $27.95. The invoice is enclosed.

Example Letter #2


I received my Tummy Shaper on June 16. It is worthless! It's nothing more than a wide rubber band. Still, I tried it on to give your company the benefit of the doubt. It did not flatten my tummy within two days as the ad guaranteed. It simply gave me distress. Return my money immediately. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau yesterday.

Example Letter #3


I have returned my order of two sets of "Miracle Knives," because they are not the "finely crafted, Spanish steel" cutlery you promised. They are cheap, scarcely sharp, and are in fact embossed, "Springfield, KS." These knives are worthless. I demand a refund in full, including my return shipping costs, for a total of $43.21, by July 23, or I shall turn the matter over to the postal authorities.

Example Letter #4


I received your bill today, dated June 13, demanding $90.00 payment for a pair of stereo speakers that I ordered C.O.D. on April 9, but never received. After several calls and one registered letter sent to your offices after the first billing, I have yet to receive my speakers. I refuse to pay this bill. I demand that this harassment be stopped or I shall be forced to file a report with the postal inspector.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 State the problem. If a product is involved, name it.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • On October 14, I received a cheap set of hand tools in the mail, along with an outrageous bill from your company. I did not order the merchandise, and am not obliged to pay for it or to return it.
  • I think two months is long enough to wait for something to come through the mail. It is time for you to send the boots I ordered or refund my money.
  • After receiving no response to my phone calls or my letters, I have reached the end of my patience. Send my order or return my money!
  • The moment of truth has arrived. Are you running a scam, or will you return the money I paid for the inferior product you sent me?
  • I returned your worthless mixer to you six weeks ago after following your return instructions to the letter. I have heard nothing from you. Please refund my payment immediately.
  • I have been trying for two months to get you to credit my account for the mixer I returned. This is my final request. Please pay me the money that you owe.
  • I received a package of five books which I did not order and do not want, along with a bill for $65.00. I owe you nothing. If you send me a prepaid shipping carton, I will return the books.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • a prepaid shipping carton
  • followed your instructions regarding
  • have waited long enough
  • have no obligation to
  • inferior product you sent
  • is my final request
  • is long enough to wait
  • it is past time for you to
  • kindly send me the
  • now I expect you to
  • on March 15, I received
  • or refund my money
  • patience is running low
  • placed no order for the
  • refuse to pay
  • return my payment
  • returned your merchandise
  • shall complain to
  • which I did not order
  • will return the goods only if

2 Provide all necessary explanatory details.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • On February 23, more than five months ago, I sent you a check for a pair of Polar Bear boots in size 10. You sent me a pair in size six, which I immediately returned as you instructed. Since that time I have heard nothing from you, despite two reminders.
  • As I stated in my previous letters, the merchandise you sent did not perform as promised. I returned it to you in exactly the manner specified in your instructions, yet I still have not received my refund.
  • I called the number on your invoice, only to learn that it had been disconnected. Since that date I have received another bill from you. Are you running a scam?
  • I did not order and do not want the "better mousetrap" you sent me. Nor am I willing to pay for it.
  • Your advertisement guaranteed that my reading speed would double, so I ordered your tapes and took your course. Unfortunately, I haven't noticed any increase, and I am beginning to suspect fraud.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • billed me with invoice number
  • details I gave over the phone were
  • enclosed is a copy of
  • had requested a
  • items in question are
  • my original order form
  • my canceled check
  • my previous letter
  • order consisted of
  • placed the order on
  • placed on purchase order number
  • purchase order number is
  • telephone number is
  • the enclosed copy of
  • the original order was dated
  • the following items
  • the order was faxed to you on
  • the following list of items were
  • your reference number is

3 Clarify exactly what action you expect the reader to take, or what action you will take if the reader does not resolve problem by a specific date. Do not make threats that you cannot or will not follow up on.

Sample Sentences for Step 3
  • Unless I hear from you within two weeks from today, I will have no recourse but to file a mail fraud complaint against you with the postal authorities.
  • If I ever hear from you again, I will take your threatening letter, along with the worthless tools you sent me, to the post office and file a mail fraud complaint against you.
  • Return my money at once, or I will pursue legal action against you.
  • I have returned your product to you, and you have acknowledged receipt of it, so I demand the refund you promised in your advertisement. I expect to see a check in my mail box by March 15, ten days from now.
  • I think you are running a scam, so unless I receive my refund by June 15, I will file a formal complaint with the postal authorities.
Sample Phrases for Step 3
  • appears to be a clear-cut case of fraud
  • approach the postal authorities
  • credit my card with the amount in question
  • do not send me another bill
  • expect to receive my
  • file a mail fraud complaint
  • file a formal complaint
  • if you continue this harassment
  • kindly send me my
  • kindly fulfill your obligation to send
  • let this be the end of the matter
  • or refund my money
  • receive any more threatening letters
  • see no alternative to
  • seeking legal assistance
  • unless I receive my refund by
  • unless I hear from you before
  • unless I have in hand either
  • will take this matter further
  • will request an investigation into
  • will not communicate with you again
  • will have no alternative