Demand Satisfaction on a Mail Order Transaction Gone Bad (Suspected Mail Fraud)

Sample Letter #1


This will confirm my message left on your answering machine this date. I received a set of Christmas china ordered from page 11 of your November catalog. The catalog description is for "beautifully hand-painted china." What I received is poorly painted, mismatched, and of inferior quality. You offer a money-back guarantee if not satisfied. I am, therefore, returning the merchandise for a full refund of $27.95. The invoice is enclosed.

Sample Letter #2


I received my Tummy Shaper on June 16. It is worthless! It's nothing more than a wide rubber band. Still, I tried it on to give your company the benefit of the doubt. It did not flatten my tummy within two days as the ad guaranteed. It simply gave me distress. Return my money immediately. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau yesterday.

Sample Letter #3


I have returned my order of two sets of "Miracle Knives," because they are not the "finely crafted, Spanish steel" cutlery you promised. They are cheap, scarcely sharp, and are in fact embossed, "Springfield, KS." These knives are worthless. I demand a refund in full, including my return shipping costs, for a total of $43.21, by July 23, or I shall turn the matter over to the postal authorities.

Sample Letter #4


I received your bill today, dated June 13, demanding $90.00 payment for a pair of stereo speakers that I ordered C.O.D. on April 9, but never received. After several calls and one registered letter sent to your offices after the first billing, I have yet to receive my speakers. I refuse to pay this bill. I demand that this harassment be stopped or I shall be forced to file a report with the postal inspector.

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