Recommend a Course of Action or Support a Decision or Policy Change

Sample Letter #1


I am writing to endorse Mr. Doe's proposal that we cancel our plans to build on property that may be partially wetland.

The Wetlands Coalition has a strong voice in this community. In addition to sparing ourselves bad publicity, we would spend less by building on solid ground. Besides, the Springfield site that the Coalition found for us is perfect! For these reasons the Doe proposal has my vote.

Sample Letter #2


I have studied the search committee's report and find that their investigation was very thorough. I feel we should accept their recommendation and hire Jane Doe. It is clear to me that she is the best qualified candidate. She is articulate and has a good reputation as a team worker and producer. The other top candidate also has high qualifications, but some workers have doubts about his ability to work with a team. For these reasons, I recommend that we hire Jane Doe.

Sample Letter #3


We are now ready to move from monthly to weekly production of our newspaper. Having considered both the needs of its production staff and the input of our marketing director, I recommend we no longer postpone this ambitious change. Our paper's subscription base is now adequate to support the hiring of additional personnel, and an infusion of three or four new employees will give a boost to a dedicated but already overworked staff of writers and editors.

Growth has always been our goal, and we have now reached the point where concerns about the feasibility of increased production have been put to rest by our increasingly positive public reception, as reflected in sales. John Doe, our marketing director, foresees that demand in the coming year could easily quadruple our current press runs. He also believes a larger pool of writers would make the paper more marketable.

I'm eager to hear from you about this. Please let me know what you and other members of the advisory board think.

Sample Letter #4


I am writing today to express my support of the recent decision to amend the policy on (Description of Policy). The willingness to take an honest look at the previous policy's deficiencies and unnecessary complications, to discuss openly with the people most affected by the policy, and then to decide for a revised course of action demonstrates the sincerity of your institution's (department's/administration's) purpose and commitment and further strengthens your legitimacy in the eyes of those you serve. On behalf of myself and many others in the community, thank you very much for this change of policy and for your continued consideration of our needs.

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