Write a Weak Recommendation For a Job Candidate

Example Letter #1


I am writing today in response to your request for a professional recommendation on behalf of (Name of Applicant). Having supervised (First Name of Applicant) for the last few years, I have witnessed his concerted efforts to improve the daily performance of his tasks, and I have observed his desire to meet the demands and expectations of his co-workers and environment. Given the integrity and strength of commitment demonstrated by his past performance, I would like to recommend (Name of Applicant) as a suitable candidate for the position of (Name of Position) at your company.

Example Letter #2


John Doe asked me to write him a letter of recommendation. I have known John for about two years and currently act as his supervisor. He always completes his work on time and seems to get along well with his co-workers. I hope he finds success in his next job. If I can provide you with any further information, please feel free to call me in my office at 555-5555.

Example Letter #3


I support John Doe's application for employment with your company. I am the secretary of the mathematics department at State University, where John was a math major for two years in the late '80s. During the time I knew him, John was a serious student, always pursuing new interests. I would be glad to answer any pertinent questions about John's record in this department. It is always rewarding to see students find work in positions they deserve.

Example Letter #4


Jane Doe has asked that I write you in support of her application for employment with your department. Jane has been a manager in our department for the last two years. During this time the department has experienced no major problems, and Ms. Doe's performance has been perfectly adequate. I have no reason to believe Jane's work in your department would be anything other than satisfactory. If there are any specific questions I can answer about Jane Doe's record here, please contact me in my office, at extension 555.

Example Letter #5


Jane Doe, who was my student last semester in Technical Writing, has asked me to write a recommendation for her application as a writing tutor. Jane earned a B+ in the class largely because of an impressive group project. Jane is very likable, and she prefers to work at her own pace. I am sure Jane would get along well with others in the Writing Center. If I can answer any other questions, please give me a call.

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