Reprimand an Employee For Poor Performance

Sample Letter #1


I want to compliment you on your sales performance last month. You exceeded your goals in every category but one.

There is some bad news with this good news, however. At least two of your colleagues have complained that you regularly berate them. One said that you even called him an idiot in front of a customer. In this business there are few things more important than satisfied customers and happy employees, so I must ask you to seriously examine your behavior. At this point, I am asking only that you do some self-evaluation. Next week we can get together and discuss what else, if anything, needs to be done. I am sure you realize that there is no need to be abusive or rude to fellow employees, especially in front of customers.

I look forward to meeting with you next week. If you need to talk to me about this before then, feel free to drop by my office.

Sample Letter #2


I have always appreciated your promptly arriving to work. However, after reviewing the monthly performance record, it is clear that you have once again failed to meet the minimum 75% production goal. I thought after our discussion last month that you were committed to raising your production goals.

I feel we must set some clear hourly production goals in order to increase your daily production. You will need to sew 25 sweatshirts each morning between 10-12 a.m. You will need to sew an additional 30 between 1:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. in order to meet a daily 75% production goal.

If you have any comments or questions about these goals, please feel free to call. I would be pleased to receive your input on how you can improve your production rate. I feel you are capable of much greater production goals and eventually a promotion to supervisor, but you must first overcome this problem.

Sample Letter #3


In the time you have worked here you have grown professionally in many ways. Your successes in your first year were truly outstanding. This company is no place for resting on one's laurels, however. Your productivity in the last two months has fallen rather dramatically. I cannot sit by and let management talent such as yours go to waste. While I understand the need for up-to-date machinery, the night shift in your own shop is besting your output by nearly 30%. This is unacceptable. Please meet with me this Wednesday to discuss your plan to bring your productivity back up to its excellent former levels. I would also like to see some ideas on creating a more efficient work environment in your shop. Let's work together and get out of this slump.

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