Write a Letter Reprimanding Tenants - Letters

Example Letter #1


Your neighbors have complained that your dog is creating a nuisance. Possibly you have not read paragraph 11 of your rental agreement, which clearly states that pets are not allowed. Please remove your dog from the premises by this weekend, Saturday, March 9, 2019.

Example Letter #2


It has come to my attention that you are parking your car in front of the garbage dumpster. As you may have noticed, a sign is posted on the dumpster reading, "No parking." Please refrain from parking there again so the city can gain access to the dumpster. I expect you will correct the situation at once.

Example Letter #3


It has come to my attention that you have been dumping your used motor oil in the apartment dumpster. This is not only in violation of your rental agreement (paragraph 19: "tenant agrees to make appropriate and timely use of garbage disposal facilities"), but it is a ticketable offense in this city. In the future, please dispose of your motor oil and other hazardous materials in the manner described in the enclosed Sanitation Authority pamphlet. Failure to comply will result in your eviction, and possible citation. I trust that this has been a simple oversight, and that this problem will be solved with no further action.

Example Letter #4


According to your contract, no smoking is allowed inside your apartment. This is to give everyone living in Doe Place a "smoke free" environment. However, your neighbors have now complained to me a second time about the smoke they smell coming from your apartment. If you are not prepared to stop smoking in the building, you will need to look for another apartment elsewhere. Should we receive another complaint, we will be forced to begin eviction proceedings against you. We hope no further action is necessary and that this will be the end of the matter.

Example Letter #5


Before moving in, you agreed to pay the deposit in three monthly installments of $200 each. You have now been living in the apartment for two months, and although you have paid the rent, you have made no payments on the deposit. I must receive a cashier's check for $400 by the 31st of the month, or I will be forced to take legal action against you. I look forward to receiving your check.

Letter-Writing Tips

Be direct and concise, but also be courteous. Avoid insulting statements and stick to the issue without commenting on the tenant's character.

Step-by-Step Guide

1 Tell the tenant why you are giving the reprimand.

  • Several of your neighbors have complained about your very loud parties.
  • The apartment below you has informed us that for the last four nights they have heard what sounds like a dog in your apartment.
  • John Doe has complained to me about your parking in his place. He says you have done this at least three times a week and that he has left several notes on your windshield, asking you to park in your own spot.
  • I have noticed a large number of empty boxes and odds and ends piled up on your balcony. In addition to being an eyesore, these items present a safety hazard to those who walk on the sidewalk below.
  • As you know, it is in violation of your rental agreement to play your stereo after 11:00 p.m. Because some of our tenants are early risers, we must enforce this policy with no exceptions.
  • As you may recall, one of the conditions of your lease was that you help keep the grounds clean and the lawn trimmed. Your assignment has been to mow the lawn, but judging from the length of the grass in the front of the complex, you haven't been doing your part.
  • according to your contract
  • an animal in your apartment
  • as you may recall
  • as you agreed before moving in
  • cannot make an exception to
  • clean up after yourselves
  • conditions of your lease
  • do your share of snow clearance
  • have failed to
  • have taken exception to your
  • have noticed that you have
  • have received several complaints about
  • in violation of your rental agreement
  • is becoming an eyesore
  • is spelled out in your contract
  • is the third month in a row that you have
  • keep the lawn mowed to a reasonable
  • late-night noise levels
  • other tenants are entitled to
  • parking in the wrong place
  • presents a safety hazard
  • several of your neighbors have complained about
  • using other tenants' parking places
  • your guests have apparently

2 Inform the tenant of any action to be taken, or what he or she can do to rectify the situation.

  • If you do indeed have a pet in your apartment, you must get rid of it immediately or move to another apartment. I will check on your cooperation within a week.
  • Please observe the assigned parking spaces. If you want a different parking spot, please see me about the possibility of changing with another tenant.
  • Please clean your balcony this week. If it is not cleaned by Saturday, our maintenance crew will clean it and deduct the cost from your security deposit.
  • This is your final warning. If you do not refrain from playing your stereo after 11:00 p.m., we will issue you an eviction notice.
  • If you cannot keep the lawn mowed, we can have a neighbor boy do it and add his fee to your monthly rent.
  • afraid that we cannot tolerate
  • come to an agreement about
  • find a place that better suits your needs
  • have no wish to lose you, but
  • if this allegation is true
  • if you are unable to
  • if this is not done
  • if you do not refrain from
  • if you do not correct the situation
  • in future kindly
  • must request that you
  • is your final warning
  • make more suitable arrangements for
  • make another arrangement
  • may be able to trade with
  • must clean up by
  • need to correct the situation immediately
  • need to dispose of it immediately
  • or move to another apartment
  • please observe the agreement about
  • please contact me, so that we can
  • will arrange to have it done
  • will charge the costs to your

3 Express your expectation that the tenant will correct the situation.

  • If the report is correct, I trust you will comply immediately.
  • Call me immediately if you cannot resolve the problem quickly.
  • I know these things are often oversights. I trust no more need be said.
  • I do hope that this letter will ensure the end of this situation.
  • I will appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.
  • I trust we can solve this problem without further action.
  • appreciate your cooperation in
  • are sure that this is just a misunderstanding
  • are confident that
  • are sure that we can work this out
  • ask for your cooperation
  • comply as soon as possible
  • have no doubt that you will
  • hope that this will be the end of the matter
  • if you have any questions
  • is probably just an oversight
  • need to take no further measures
  • please call me if
  • please make an effort to
  • sort this out as quickly as possible
  • that this will be the end of the matter
  • trust that no more need be said
  • trust that you will
  • will greatly appreciate
  • your immediate attention to

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