Respond to a Request For a Donation or to a Fundraising Letter • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Express appreciation for the letter.
2Explain that you cannot support all worthy causes and how you or your company handle such requests.
3Tell what you plan to do in this instance. Distinguish between a personal contribution and a corporate one.
4Wish the organization success in its endeavors.


Your response to requests for donations should be courteous and candid. It is a good practice to have well-established principles and procedures to control expenditures and provide a reasoned response to such requests.

Example Letter #1


Thank you for your letter requesting support for the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. We greatly admire your efforts toward educating the public about cruelty to animals. The shelter has done a remarkable job for this county since its inception four years ago.

While we would like to contribute to your worthy cause, our company channels requests for donations through a social awareness committee. The committee meets twice a year to decide which projects we can support for the coming year. When they meet again, I will inform you of their decision. We appreciate this opportunity to review your goals and wish you continued success with this year's campaign.

Example Letter #2


Thank you for your letter apprising me of the activities of the Wetlands Coalition. I always make it my policy to investigate where my charitable donations go, and the Wetlands Coalition has an excellent reputation. I am pleased to make a $1000 donation to this worthy cause. I will appreciate receiving a signed receipt. Here's wishing you all the best in meeting this year's goal!

Example Letter #3


Thank you for your recent letter outlining the activities of your public policy watchdog organization, The Doe Report. I understand that this is a nonprofit, volunteer- and donation-powered group. Unfortunately, I unable to support all the worthy causes whose letters cross my desk. I do appreciate the publicity The Doe Report has given to the recent hubbub in City Hall, and I hope that I will be in a better position to support this cause when your next quarterly letter arrives. In the meantime I wish you much success in achieving your fund-raising goals.

Example Letter #4


Thank you for your well-reasoned request for donations to keep inner city kids off drugs. This is obviously a very worthy cause. While I do 'give at the office,' through Doe Way, I am donating to your cause because this issue is too important to let slide. I have enclosed a personal check for $50.00. Please send a receipt. I wish you all success in this good work.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step


Express appreciation for the letter.

Example Sentences for Step 1

Example Phrases for Step 1


Tell what you plan to do in this instance. Distinguish between a personal contribution and a corporate one.

Example Sentences for Step 3

Example Phrases for Step 3

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