Thank Someone For Media Exposure - Letters

Example Letter #1


We would like to express our gratitude for your excellent coverage of our grand opening. The positive exposure you gave our firm on the local news segment provided the community with a nice introduction to our goals and services. The entire staff appreciated the professionalism with which your news team handled both the interview on our premises and the final studio presentation. Customer response has dramatically increased since your newscast. We hope to maintain this upward momentum with quality service at reasonable prices. As one of the smaller firms in this area, we are indeed grateful for your willingness to include us in your coverage. Please extend our thanks to everyone involved.

Example Letter #2


Thank you for including my letter to the Editor, titled "Doe Waging War," in your Sunday paper. I appreciate your willingness to publish a candid response to such a controversial issue. I feel passionately about the stand I have taken and am grateful to you for allowing my voice to be heard. Again, I thank you for having the courage to publish a response counter to popular opinion.

Example Letter #3


The Doe Society would like to thank you for your generous help in locating volunteers to donate blood. Our need for donors has skyrocketed in recent months due to extensive help given to earthquake victims and an otherwise general shortage in the blood supply. To meet our ever increasing demand for blood donors, we must rely on radio stations like yours to reach the public. Thanks for helping us get this drive off to such a good start.

Example Letter #4


We at Doe's would like to thank you for your favorable review of our new restaurant. We have worked hard to make our new rooftop addition a fine dining experience, and your complimentary review has helped us gain many new patrons. As a token of our appreciation, we would like to present your staff with a complimentary lunch at Doe's. Call Jane at 555-5555 to schedule a reservation.

Letter-Writing Tips

Bear in mind that this letter may appear on a bulletin board for many to see. Your "thank you" should be all-inclusive so that each person involved will feel appreciated. A prompt expression of thanks will communicate your sincerity.

Step-by-Step Guide

1 State what you are thanking the reader for.

  • Thank you so much for the Friday evening coverage you gave our forthcoming festival.
  • We were delighted to hear our firm mentioned in such a positive way on your newscast on November 21.
  • I was pleasantly surprised to read your column about my students' community cleanup project.
  • You have restored my faith in the news media! It was refreshing to read your common sense commentary on our community bond issue.
  • Thank you for calling attention to our biology teacher's award in your column last Saturday.
  • appreciate your mentioning our
  • appreciate your informative article about
  • coverage has benefited
  • enjoyed reading about
  • for calling attention to
  • for the coverage of
  • for including our
  • have received many positive comments about
  • how much we appreciated
  • in such a positive way
  • nice to know that
  • our efforts are being noticed
  • positive tone of your
  • thank you for
  • want you to know
  • was a joy working with your
  • was pleasantly surprised to read your
  • was refreshing to read
  • were initially wary about
  • were pleased with your report
  • your accurate and comprehensive report on
  • your clever analysis of
  • your responsible handling of

2 Comment briefly on the issue and mention the quality and/or value of the media exposure.

  • We are excited about the prospect of this event becoming an annual affair. Your report will certainly help.
  • We have worked hard to make our herbs and spices the finest available, and it is good to hear that others recognize their quality.
  • This recognition means a great deal to all of us, especially to those who worked behind the scenes for so many hours.
  • Your series of reports on student activities has been a significant factor in lifting morale and encouraging community service.
  • These issues often get confused by all the political rhetoric, but your insightful explanation was a great help to scores of voters.
  • The award means a great deal to teachers, and we are grateful that you are willing to give them public recognition.
  • accomplished a great deal
  • appreciate your insight
  • explanation was insightful
  • generated an influx of
  • giving this public recognition to
  • good to hear that others realize
  • grateful that you were willing to
  • has been a significant factor in
  • has lifted morale among
  • has been invaluable in
  • has only benefited
  • have worked so hard to
  • helped to spread the word about
  • joins me in confirming the value of
  • such comprehensive coverage of
  • the care and competence with which you
  • this recognition means a great deal
  • was of great help to
  • will help the community to
  • will now recognize the value of
  • your report will certainly help us to

3 Close with an expression of good will.

  • We hope we will be able to provide you with more newsworthy events.
  • We sincerely appreciate your excellent coverage of this and other business topics.
  • We feel that your journalistic work is in the best tradition. Thanks again.
  • Our office appreciates your clear and accurate reporting.
  • We continue to appreciate your concern for public education.
  • applaud your journalistic skill
  • appreciate your objectivity
  • appreciate the fair and accurate reporting
  • appreciate your excellent coverage of
  • can only welcome future contact with
  • continue to appreciate
  • deserve a great deal of credit
  • excellent coverage on this and other
  • expedite our efforts to
  • express my appreciation
  • express our good wishes
  • feel that your journalistic work is
  • has been the impetus for
  • hope we will be able to
  • in the best tradition of
  • keep up the good work
  • know we can be comfortable with
  • look forward to future dealings with
  • media services like you
  • provide you with more good news
  • publicizing worthwhile events
  • thank you for
  • thank you so much for
  • the concern you show for
  • valuable service to the community
  • will inform you of future developments

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