Thank Someone For an Award, Bonus, or Raise • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Express your gratitude for the award, bonus, or raise.
2Praise the person or organization for giving this recognition.
3Close with a statement that reflects modesty, appreciation, and commitment, but avoid false modesty.


Use a happy, appreciative, and modest tone to express your gratitude and continuing commitment in this letter.

Example Letter #1


I want to express my gratitude for the pay raise that was included in last week's check. I realize that the usual waiting period for a pay increase has not yet passed, and so I especially appreciate this indication of your approval. It is easy to see why there is so little employee turnover in this firm, and I feel very fortunate to be able to work here. This unexpected recognition of my efforts gives me a sense of security and confidence. I will redouble my efforts in serving the firm to the best of my abilities. I will enjoy doing so as I find great satisfaction in working with the public and I really like my job. Thank you so much for noticing my efforts and for giving me this monetary "pat on the back."

Example Letter #2


I was pleasantly surprised to see the pay raise you gave me. It came at a much needed time. Thank you.

I sincerely appreciate working in such a positive environment. I often find I can't wait to get to work in the morning, and my wife sometimes has to call to remind me that it's time to go home. I assure you I will do my best to merit the trust you've placed in me.

Example Letter #3


I looked at my pay stub this week and noticed I had received a raise. What a pleasant surprise! Thank you! It is not often that recognition comes unannounced like this, but I understand the value of subtlety in this work environment. The last year has been a wonderful experience for me. I have learned so much working here. I hope that my work continues to reflect my commitment to excel here.

Example Letter #4


On my return from Springfield I found your award letter awaiting me. To be awarded the Civic Pride Award is really a tremendous honor. When my father won the Award in 1962, I vowed I would do my best to follow in his footsteps in Centerville's business community. A review of the list of past winners, with their excellent track records of community service and honest dealings, reveals the significance of this award. Today I am more committed than ever to the community that has brought me so much joy and success.


Praise the person or organization for giving this recognition.

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