Thank Someone For an Inquiry • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Begin with a thank you.
2Give the requested information and use the opportunity to give information about your product or organization.
3Express a willingness to provide further information.


While this letter answers a question, it also provides an opportunity to give additional information on other products, upcoming events, or helpful services. Don't lose this opportunity for free advertising by only answering the question.

Example Letter #1


Thanks for your interest in my show for your upcoming lodge meeting. I am enclosing the video of my performance that you requested. I also have a web site at

After you review the video, let's talk. I'd like to learn more about your lodge members. I'll call Friday to schedule an appointment. I look forward to this fun evening.

Example Letter #2


Thank you for your recent request for more information concerning our products. I am sending you our illustrated winter catalog containing descriptions of our entire stock with current price listings. As new products become available, we continually expand our selection of merchandise. For this reason, I have added your name to our mailing list. You will receive a new catalog about four times a year, as well as periodic information on our sale prices and clearances. The Doe Company takes pride in offering the widest selection of quality merchandise at the lowest prices in the field. In appreciation of your interest, I would like to offer you a 10 percent discount on your first order and invite you to become one of our many satisfied customers. If you have any further questions, I would be happy to assist you.

Example Letter #3


Thank you for your recent inquiry about employment at Doe. Unfortunately, we just imposed a hiring freeze that we expect to continue through the summer. Please feel free to check back with us in September.

Example Letter #4


We thank you for your interest in our custom mountaineering tents. I have enclosed a product line brochure showing all our models and current prices. As you will no doubt notice, our prices are somewhat higher than others'; however, our tents are of such superior quality and durability that they are the overwhelming choice of serious mountaineers all over the world. Our tents have been on more expeditions in the high mountain regions than any two other brands combined. Our record speaks for itself: We have never had a tent returned by a dissatisfied customer. Please review the enclosed catalog, and when you are ready to order, or if you just have a question, please call us at 555-5555.

Example Letter #5


I thank you for your call requesting information about our Fly-fishing Education Series. The introductory casting school you inquired about takes place during the week of June 6-12. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will meet here at Doe's Fly-fishing; on Saturday we will practice casting at Springfield Park, and on Sunday we will be on the river! The cost is $150, including equipment rental. Also of interest are the introductory fly-tying classes and the clinic entitled, "Stream Fishing the Dry Fly," hosted by John Doe himself. Please call soon and reserve your spot in the classroom with a credit card deposit. We can also answer any questions you may have about the other classes in the series. Our number again is 555-5555. Don't miss it!


Give the requested information and use the opportunity to give information about your product or organization.

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