Thank Someone For Goods or Materials Received

Sample Letter #1


The package of carpet samples we were considering arrived in good condition today. I appreciate your efforts in getting it to us. The samples will be very useful in helping us design our new home.

Sample Letter #2


Thank you for sending the sample pictures so promptly. We appreciate your efficiency and careful attention to details.

The pictures are just the right size for use in our monthly staff seminar. I plan to use them this week, and if they work out as well as I anticipate, I will order more. I will call you after the meeting.

Sample Letter #3


Our shipping container arrived safely today aboard the freighter Doe. Everything appears to be in fine condition. It will be a great relief to have all our own furniture and appliances in our home again after our move!

Sample Letter #4


The four cubic yards of fill dirt we ordered arrived yesterday, and we are very pleased with it. This clean dirt will make an excellent foundation for our new lawn. We couldn't beat the price anywhere! Thank you!

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