Thank Someone For a Philanthropic Contribution

Sample Letter #1

I just learned of your generous contribution to Doe Scholarship fund. To say that I was touched by your sincere devotion to our cause does not sufficiently express my gratitude. You have provided the means for 50 single mothers to finish their degrees.

I would like to visit with you on your next trip to Springfield and update you on our progress. Unless you object, your name will be recorded on a donor's plaque in our main hallway. Again, please accept my deepest gratitude for your generosity.

Sample Letter #2

Thank you for your generous contribution to support deaf students and ASL teachers at the Springfield Summer Institute. These funds will allow forty additional students to attend the eight-week institute with all expenses paid.

Through your generosity through the years, over 450 hearing-impaired students have graduated from the program. Fourteen of those students have returned later to teach at the institute, and scores of others have found professional opportunities elsewhere. You have left a wonderful legacy.

We are grateful for all you have done, and pledge our best efforts in continuing this service. Please accept our warmest heartfelt thanks.

Sample Letter #3

Thank you for your generous gift to the Doe Wilderness Program. Your donation allowed us to buy ten new tents that will last for many years. Your loyalty over the years to the children in the Wilderness Program has been an inspiration to us all. We look forward to seeing you at the Awards Program in June.

Sample Letter #4

Your support of the Doe Organization is truly appreciated by those who need it most, the thousands of needy children and adults who participate in our year-round literacy program.

Because you ordered a magazine from Springfield Corporation, our literacy program will receive 12.5 percent of the price of your paid subscription. A bill for your magazine order is enclosed. Please return it with your check in the envelope provided.

On behalf of the participants in the Doe Organization's literacy program nation wide, we thank you for your support.

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