Thank Someone For a Gift - Letters

Example Letter #1


Thank you very much for the tickets to the hockey game. What a generous gift! My thirteen-year-old daughter couldn't believe we got to sit so close to the ice--right behind the team. She was thrilled to see her favorite player in person and I was excited for her. We appreciate your thoughtfulness. Your timing was perfect.

Example Letter #2


Bob and I thank you very much for your lovely wedding present. How thoughtful of you to choose something as practical and useful as a toaster oven! Because of our busy work schedules, I can assure you that your gift will be used often. Bob has even volunteered to prepare our Saturday breakfasts with it. We hope you can visit us soon. Maybe he can fix you a treat, too.

Example Letter #3


Thank you for the birthday present! It certainly was nice to be remembered and especially nice to receive a year's subscription to Sports Illustrated magazine.

I enjoyed reading the first copy and sharing it with my buddies here at school. We all agree that this will be a welcome change from our required college readings.

You can be sure that each issue will be appreciated and will remind me of your thoughtfulness and friendship.

Example Letter #4


Thank you for your beautiful baby gift. As soon as I removed the quilt from its wrappings, I placed it into our baby's crib where it will be used nightly to keep her warm.

The little animal figures are adorable and the colors are very pleasant. You obviously gave a lot of thought to this present and it is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much for this lovely and very useful present!

Example Letter #5


I was pleasantly surprised to receive your birthday gift of $30. I will use the money to purchase a nice, sporty shirt that I have had my eye on for some time. It is not so much the gift you sent that makes this event so special, but the fact that it came from you, my favorite aunt. Thank you very much.

Example Letter #6


Thank you very much for the Valentines chocolates. It has been years since I received such a thoughtful gift. I suppose I am unaccustomed to such kind gestures, having been alone for quite some time. Thank you for thinking of me. I'll save you a truffle if you'll come by on Friday.

Letter-Writing Tips

Send this letter as soon as possible after receiving the gift. If your letter is late, make your apology very brief. Don't dwell on it. Mentioning the gift's significance to you is an effective way to build a positive relationship. A compliment or a word of praise may be directed to both the gift itself, and to the thoughtfulness of the giver.

Step-by-Step Guide

1 Mention the gift and say something positive about it.

  • I received the flowers you sent during my recovery. They were beautiful.
  • Your gift was perfect. How did you know that I have had my eye on those exquisite earrings for the last two months?
  • The table cloth you gave us is absolutely lovely. The lace really adds a touch of elegance to our home.
  • Thank you for the planner. I guess that after spending a month with me you really got a feel for what I needed most.
  • The baby clothes are darling and they fit the little one perfectly. You must have chosen them with great care.
  • Your welcome gift arrived at a time when I really needed some encouragement. The book was very good medicine.
  • As we begin to set up house, Jane and I want to thank you for the lovely cutlery set that you gave us.
  • You have made my day! What a delightful surprise to receive the flowers you sent on my birthday. My sincerest thanks!
  • We warmly accept and appreciate your contribution to the children's fund.
  • John and I are sincerely moved by your kindness in remembering us with a gift on our anniversary.
  • What can I say! You just know how to make a person feel great! Thanks millions for tickets to see the Springfield Opera.
  • Our sincerest thanks for a copy of the Doe family history.
  • Thank you for the beautiful glass vase that you brought us from Kansas.
  • are always so
  • as we begin to set up house
  • found your welcome gift
  • gift was a hit
  • gift was perfect
  • had my eye on it for ages
  • has been warmly and appreciatively received
  • how thoughtful of you
  • how much your gift meant to
  • how much I appreciate
  • how did you know that
  • my sincerest thanks
  • on our anniversary
  • received the beautiful
  • sent on my birthday
  • sincerely moved by your kindness in remembering
  • sincerest thanks for the
  • so kind and thoughtful
  • sorry that my recent trip has delayed this note
  • such a thoughtful gift
  • such a delightful
  • thank you for the beautiful
  • thank you for your thoughtfulness in remembering
  • thank you for the gift that arrive on
  • want to thank you for the lovely
  • want you to know
  • so pleased to receive
  • overjoyed to receive the
  • were all so pleased with
  • what a delightful surprise to receive a

2 Comment on a positive quality of the gift such as its usefulness, its beauty, its appropriateness, or some other distinctive quality.

  • Your gift will always have a special place in our home as a reminder of our time with you.
  • Before the shower I wondered whether I would have enough clothes for the baby. Now I am sure I will have more than enough. You are always so considerate and helpful.
  • The gift means a lot to me because it reminds me of the good times we had in Springfield.
  • We will cherish each of our wedding gifts, but yours is special because you brought us together.
  • We sincerely appreciate the gift and your thoughtfulness in remembering us.
  • I know I am not alone when I have such thoughtful friends. Your gift will always remind me of your unselfish concern for others.
  • Both John and I are fond of Swiss chocolate. It is especially welcome at this holiday time.
  • The design harmonizes beautifully with our other table pieces, as if they were made to go with each other.
  • I am displaying them in the living room where their colors complement our decor.
  • We will treasure the picture not only for its beauty, but for its reminder that we have such wonderful friends.
  • The music captivated us, and now you have made it possible for us to see a live performance.
  • The book will have a special place in our hearts as well as on our bookshelf.
  • We will treasure it for its beauty and craftsmanship, but even more for it being a reminder of such great friends.
  • It goes well with my Sunday suit so I will wear it a lot.
  • a reminder that we have such wonderful friends
  • a special reminder of
  • a perfect complement to
  • a wonderful reminder of
  • always have a special place
  • always so kind
  • always thinking of others
  • am displaying them in
  • appreciate your thoughtfulness
  • are simply delighted with
  • are fond of
  • as if they were made to go together
  • be wearing it a lot
  • be a constant reminder of
  • charming addition to my collection of
  • cherish this
  • considerate and thoughtful
  • didn't realize how much I needed
  • enjoy it frequently when we
  • even more than the gift itself
  • fits perfectly in my
  • goes well with my
  • harmonizes beautifully with
  • has been much admired
  • have always wanted
  • have always loved
  • have long admired
  • help me use my time more efficiently
  • help me be more efficient
  • help me be on time
  • hold a special place
  • is especially welcome this holiday time
  • make a great addition to
  • means a lot to me
  • now you have made it possible for us to
  • reminds me of
  • replace an old one that was broken
  • so considerate of you
  • such a good friend
  • the design harmonizes beautifully with our
  • the colors complement our
  • treasure the gift not only for its beauty but for its
  • treasure it for its beauty and craftsmanship
  • value your friendship
  • your gift will have a special place in our hearts

3 Reaffirm your gratitude or restate the compliment.

  • You are really remarkable in remembering our desires.
  • I appreciate the gift--and the thought behind it.
  • Thank you for the kitten. I am glad you understood how much our little girl needed it.
  • Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
  • Thank you for sending just the right gift.
  • You always seem to know exactly what I need. Thank you.
  • Your judgment and timing are perfect. Thank you.
  • We look forward to meeting you again in Springfield.
  • We will show you how it harmonizes with our decor when you visit in June.
  • We hope to see you on our next trip to town.
  • Please give your family our warmest regards.
  • We are very lucky to have you as our friends.
  • We value your friendship deeply.
  • Thanks for being such wonderful friends.
  • always brighten my life
  • always so thoughtful
  • always choose just the right
  • always know just what to
  • always seem to know
  • and the thought behind it
  • appreciate your friendship
  • appreciate the gift
  • are blessed to have you as a friend
  • are always so
  • are so kind
  • couldn't have chosen a more
  • everything you do
  • feel fortunate to have your friendship
  • gift was just perfect
  • give your family our warmest regards
  • hope to see you on our next trip to
  • how much I appreciated
  • like to get together for
  • look forward to our next
  • look forward to meeting you again in
  • look forward with anticipation
  • look forward to future collaboration
  • lucky to have you as our friends
  • pleased that you remembered
  • so thoughtful of you
  • such wonderful friends
  • such a welcome gift
  • such a good friend
  • thank you once again for
  • treasure our friendship
  • value your friendship

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