Transmit a Progress Report, an Analytical Study, a Formal Report, or a Manuscript For Use Within an Organization

Sample Letter #1


As many of you are aware, Doe Corporation extended an invitation to the Johnson Group (an organizational behavior firm), to examine the effectiveness of our company's interpersonal work relationships. Johnson found we have communication problems between subordinates and supervisors. After examining their careful research, the members of the upper management feel we too are responsible for poor communication because we have failed to communicate our sincere gratitude to each of our employees. Each employee plays a vital role in Doe's success. Each makes an important contribution.

The report made us aware that some employees feel their supervisors are inattentive to their concerns. If any employee is frustrated by Doe's current communication procedures, please feel free to voice your concerns to Mr. John Doe. He reserves Wednesday afternoons for employee interviews.

Sample Letter #2


On July 12, your senior engineer requested we conduct physical property tests on your product. The tests are now complete and the results, along with the tested products, should arrive at your office by express mail within the week.

Briefly, our tests indicate that your product is unsafe for consumer use. Some of the materials used in the manufacture of your product are toxic to humans. We suggest your senior engineer contact one of the staff scientists in our product testing division immediately.

Sample Letter #3


Six weeks ago you asked me to prepare a study on the efficacy of certain cholesterol reducing agents over a two month period. I am now one month into the study and want to give you some preliminary results. My study compares cholesterol levels at the beginning, middle, and end of the two month period. This progress report shows the clinical results at mid-point in the study.

I have encountered very few problems so far. There are some participants who changed their diets or exercise routines contrary to my instructions. Preliminary results indicate that this may have little impact on the study. I welcome any suggestions you may have after reviewing the report.

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