Apply For Temporary Employment In a Foreign Country • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Explain what you wish to do or achieve. If possible, mention specific employment-related goals, not simply your desire to work in a foreign country.
2Point out your qualifications for the job.
3Refer to your enclosed resume or a single letter of recommendation or reference. Limit your resume to a single sheet of paper. Do not include copies of certificates or diplomas unless these have been specifically requested.
4Make it easy for the reader to contact you or send you information. Give your e-mail address if you have one, as well as your mailing address. If possible, give phone and FAX numbers. Many large businesses will send a free information packet, but you could offer to pay any expenses if it seems appropriate.


Immigration and visa laws vary from country to country, and requirements tend to be both strict and precise. If possible, acquaint yourself with the regulations of the country in which you wish to work before applying for employment.

Example Letter #1


I am responding to your advertisement for nannies and au pairs that appeared in my local newspaper last Wednesday. I have always wanted to visit a foreign country and would love to have the experience of living in the United States for a while. I am willing to commit to an employment period of one year, as either a nanny or an au pair.

I have done a great deal of baby-sitting, tending both my two younger brothers and the children of several neighbors. I can cook reasonably well and am hard-working and responsible. I have also certified in CPR and have done first aid training with the Red Cross. I have a driver's license, though not, of course, in the US.

I have enclosed a copy of my resume, as was requested in your ad, and look forward to hearing from you.

Example Letter #2


I am writing in the hope of securing a position as an excavator or laboratory assistant during next year's field work in the International Valley.

I hold a bachelor's degree in archaeology from Springfield University, where I attended a hands-on field school in the summer of 2018. I have also been employed by the state of Kansas the past two summers as a general surveyor. I am currently a paid intern in the office of Dr. John Doe, the State

Historic Preservation Officer for Kansas.

Please find enclosed a copy of my resume and a letter of recommendation from Dr. Doe.

Example Letter #3


I am very interested in any information you could provide me on temporary employment with your company during the period of June to December. I am a U.S. citizen with excellent qualifications in many areas, including construction, computer network administration, graphic design, and maintenance of office machines.

My goal is to secure a position in one of these areas so that I can learn more about business practices overseas. I currently hold a Bachelor's degree in political science, and intend to continue my studies in the area of international business administration.

My resume is enclosed. Please review it and I will contact you by telephone to discuss my prospects.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step


Explain what you wish to do or achieve. If possible, mention specific employment-related goals, not simply your desire to work in a foreign country.

Example Sentences for Step 1

I have been most impressed by the work your company is doing with the use of neural networks in industrial process control, and would like to spend a year working with you. As we work towards modernizing our Springfield agricultural practices, I have become aware of how much I have to learn. Would it be possible for me to work with you for a year, so that I can gain firsthand experience with up-to-date wheat farming techniques? In response to your advertisement for educators willing to work in Springfield for a two-year period, I am both qualified and interested. With the current shortage of trained construction workers in your area, I wonder if you can use an expert roofer? I would be pleased to come work in your country for up to two years. I am a registered dietician with four years of hospital-based experience, and will be living in Centerville for at least the next eighteen months while my husband is pursuing a graduate degree. I have a special interest in children's nutrition, and would like to work at Centerville Children's Hospital. I anticipate no difficulty in acquiring the appropriate visa. I have been working my way around the world for the past two years and would like to spend the next four months living and working in Edinburgh. Do you have an opening for a cashier? I have always wanted to spend time in Sweden, and wonder if your agency could send me information about working there as an au pair or nanny? Your ad for English-speaking summer camp counselors in the January 14 Springfield Chronicle sounds exactly like what I am looking for. I would thoroughly enjoy spending next summer working with French teenagers, helping with both outdoor activities and English classes.

Example Phrases for Step 1


Point out your qualifications for the job.

Example Sentences for Step 2

I have a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Kansas and would like to pursue a Master's Degree in the future. In the meantime, I am eager to learn all I can about the practical applications of neural networks, and would be delighted to work for a company as widely respected as yours is. I have worked on my family's farm since early childhood and have served on a state agricultural task force for the past eighteen months. I am not afraid of hard work, and am both eager and quick to learn. I have Kansas State certification for teaching junior high school math and science, and have done so for the past thirteen years. I have also spent hundreds of hours teaching English as a second language to both adults and children on a volunteer basis. I enjoy most sports and have swum competitively and coached soccer teams in our city-wide league. I spent six years working for Doe Roofing Company and then ran my own roofing business, with four employees, for the next four years. I would be most interested in working in your country for a time. I received my degree from Springfield University and am well acquainted with the cuisine of China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, as well as western favorites. I believe that I could be an asset to your dietetics department in planning attractive and nutritional meals to tempt the generally poor appetites of sick children. I have had considerable experience in both checking and customer service, and would need little or no training. I graduated from high school eighteen months ago, and have worked in a day care center since then. I am hardworking and good with children, and have a good driving record. I am presently working on a degree in Recreation Management. I enjoy hiking and camping in my free time and participate in many different sports. I also took four years of French in high school, which may prove useful in an emergency, although I understand that the purpose of the program is to improve the student's conversational English, and not my French!

Example Phrases for Step 2