Thank a Religious Leader

Sample Letter #1


Your leadership of our congregation has caused an upturn in all of our spirits. The freshness of your perspectives and your inspiring preaching have helped our family through some hard times lately. We were especially appreciative of your sermon last Sunday in which you focused on how we can support each other in times of crisis. We thank you for this blessing and bid you keep up the good work.

Sample Letter #2


I don't know when I have been more affected by a sermon than I was this last Sunday. You touched on some points that hit pretty close to home. I was so glad you seemed to notice and took the time to talk to me after the service. Your kind words settled my heart and gave me very real hope. It is wonderful to leave a church service feeling uplifted and full of hope. I look forward to Sundays now more than ever before. Thank you for your unselfish service.

Sample Letter #3


The effect of your help with our son Eric's difficulties last year was nothing short of miraculous. We have noticed a significant change in his behavior and attitude. His grades are coming back up. He even talks to us at dinner! Thank you for helping our son come back to us.

Sample Letter #4


Thank you for your daily visits to my mother's bedside during the last two weeks of her life. I was touched and relieved to see how she was comforted by your praying with her.

My family and I appreciate the time you spent with her. We thank you and shall always remember this special kindness.

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