Approve Attendance at a Conference or Seminar • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Let the reader know that his or her request has been approved. Name the conference, seminar, or training course so there will be no misunderstanding.
2Add any extra information the reader may need.
3Add good wishes, if you like.


This letter is brief and to the point. Because it contains news which will generally be well received, there is no need for lengthy explanations.

Example Letter #1


I am pleased to notify you that we have decided to send you to the Doe conference on the weekend of June 3 to June 6. We recommend that you take along your assistant, Robert Johnson, as well.

Upon your return, I would like you to give the department a workshop based on the information you gathered at the conference. We are eager to get as much information as we can on new strategies in research and development. Have a great trip!

Example Letter #2


Your attending the Springfield Symposium sounds like a very good idea. I will notify Jane, and she will make the necessary travel arrangements. Be prepared to give us a full report when you return. Have a great trip!

Example Letter #3


I am pleased to grant your request to attend the Springfield International Teachers' Conference next month. Please see me for a copy of the district's business travel guidelines. We're glad to have you represent our district at this conference and we'll be waiting to grill you on the latest teaching techniques and gossip when you return.

Example Letter #4


Enclosed is your ticket to the Middle School Teaching Seminar in Springfield on May 21. Please return prepared to brief us on what you have learned--and enjoy yourself.

Example Letter #5


I agree that you should attend the Springfield Continuing Education Seminar in June. Use your business credit card for your expenses and remember to file an expense report when you return. If you need cash for the trip, I can approve advances of up to $500. This looks like an excellent program and should be well worth the expense. Have a good time.

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