Approve Payment or Funding For Expenses Incurred • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


No extensive explanation is needed in this brief communication. Simply state that you are giving approval and mention the amount involved.

How to write this approval letter:

  1. Tell the reader that the funding has been approved, stating the amount in question and its purpose.

Example Letter #1


I am pleased to approve your request for $4,000.00 for the new copiers. I agree with you. If we want to maintain a professional image, we cannot continue to ask our investors to share copies of handouts during quarterly meetings because our copy machines are down. Good call.

Please send the bills and receipts to accounting after you have made your selection.

Example Letter #2


We have approved reimbursement of the costs incurred during the snow storm that necessitated your overnight stay in Springfield. Attached is a check for $152 covering the receipts you submitted.

Example Letter #3


Please find enclosed a company check for $100 payable to the order of Doe International. This will cover the systems improvements you outlined in your request, per Doe's itemized estimate.

Example Letter #4


I spoke with accounting. The reimbursement for the expenses you listed on your "Costs Incurred" report will be included in your next salary check.

Example Letter #5


The executive committee approved your trip to Springfield for the ABA Convention. The firm will cover the cost of the convention, including fees, room, meals, and travel, not to exceed $2,000. Use your business credit card and fill out an expense report when you return.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Tell the reader that the funding has been approved, stating the amount in question and its purpose.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • I have approved your request for $5,000. This should cover the two new computers your section needs.
  • The $1,600 you requested for capital equipment has been approved. You may order the machinery and have the invoices sent to Jane Doe.
  • We will be happy to reimburse your study expenses up to $2,000. Keep your receipts and grade reports and send them to my office.
  • Your request for $500 to cover travel expenses to the Springfield Nursing Conference has been approved. Be sure to hand in your receipts with your travel reimbursement form.
  • Your request for reimbursement of your travel expenses has been approved. Jane Doe will have a $300 check ready by the end of the week.
  • The $9,988.77 invoice that Doe Corporation submitted has been approved for payment. Their work was completed on time and met the specifications.
  • Go ahead and pay Doe Corporation the $3,220 due them (Invoice #123). They have completed their contract with us.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • accounting will prepare
  • as soon as this month's books are balanced
  • for the amount of
  • hand in your receipts with your reimbursement form
  • has been approved
  • have approved your request for
  • have approved the
  • keep your receipts
  • keep a record of your expenses
  • should provide you with
  • the amount you requested
  • the additional funds you need
  • this should cover your
  • will be reimbursed
  • will receive the repayment you requested
  • will need your receipts
  • will transfer the funds
  • will be happy to reimburse
  • will have the check ready by
  • your request for an additional
  • your request for reimbursement

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