Approve a Proposal • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Announce the approval.
2Confirm or discuss details.
3Outline the next step.


This letter, although brief and to the point, can foster good relationships with its positive message.

Example Letter #1


We have read your innovative plans to improve our tax deductible investment procedures and are very interested in your proposal. We believe your ideas are workable and would like to have you serve on our board to implement them.

Enclosed is our policies and procedures handbook. Please read it carefully and call me if you have any questions. If you can comply with our work requirements, please call me before Friday to discuss the legal implications of your proposal.

Welcome aboard. I will be delighted if you accept this exciting challenge.

Example Letter #2


The trustees have approved your proposal to upgrade the lighting in the south parking lot as soon as we start a new budget year. Before work begins we need to finalize plans for rerouting traffic during the digging phase. We have scheduled a meeting with the construction supervisor for 11:00 a.m. on August 10. We would like you to attend. Please inform Jane if this is not a good time, so we can reschedule the meeting. We want to have the new lights in before the end of October.

Example Letter #3


I am pleased to inform you of the board's approval of your excellent proposal. It was by far the best and most economical of all those we received. I trust you will keep us apprised of your progress with regular reports. Please come to my office this week so that we can arrange travel and other logistics for you.

Example Letter #4


The board of directors has approved your advertising proposal. They are enthusiastic about the youthful slant your advertising assumes and feel it will boost sales of our new vitamins. Of course, we need to discuss the details of the project further. My secretary, John, will call to schedule a time when we can meet.

Example Letter #5


We have approved your proposal to begin a search for a 401(k) provider. Such a benefit is long overdue. Before we decide on a provider, we will need a clear picture of the market. Please prepare a written report on available plans, including the costs, advantages, disadvantages, and your recommendations.

Let's get together in my office next Friday to discuss your progress. Call Jane, my secretary, to arrange a convenient time to meet. Good luck.

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