Write a Letter to Accompany a Gift • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Refer to the reason you are giving the gift.
2Mention the gift.
3Close with warm wishes.


This letter's sole purpose is to accompany a gift and explain the reason for it. Use this opportunity to give a compliment, sympathy, support, or congratulations, but keep it brief.

Example Letter #1


Happy Birthday Grandma! I hope you enjoy the amaryllis. You can plant it directly in the pot I am sending, and it should bloom within three weeks. I know this is a difficult day for you because you are spending it without Grandpa, but I hope the flower will brighten your day. I love you. I'll call you next week.

Example Letter #2


Please accept this small book in honor of your promotion. It helps me keep focused on the art of living when stress starts to build. May you derive a similar benefit from it. Congratulations. You deserve it.

Example Letter #3


Can you believe it? My baby sister has a brand new house! Congratulations on your closing--finally. I hope this wall hanging goes well with your new decor. Best wishes for many happy years to come in your new home.

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