Keep a Customer Up to Date on Progress

Sample Letter #1


During our last meeting you expressed your concern about keeping in touch with our progress. This letter is in response to your request for weekly progress reports.

Over the last week we have confirmed lecture times with all the speakers, received 1,354 RSVPs and made accommodations for each participant. John has secured a team of receptionists and ushers for the event and hired a team to handle miscellaneous setup tasks.

Please set your mind at ease. Although much remains to be done, we have every reason to believe that we still have time to focus thoroughly on each detail before the seminar. I will contact you at the beginning of next week to discuss what we still need to accomplish and how we propose to do so.

Sample Letter #2


We have exciting news! Doe Dry Cleaning has just received exclusive rights to a new dry cleaning process that is safe for virtually all fabrics. You will find that all your suedes and silks will look and feel like new and metal buttons will not tarnish. The other good news is that the new solution is friendly to the environment. We know you will be pleased the next time you have your finest fabrics cleaned at Doe's.

Sample Letter #3


During our visit last spring you expressed an interest in further progress at Doe Woods. We are now in Phase IV of the development, which includes a comprehensive recreation center. We have also begun construction of a new section of colonial style town houses with six different elevations and floor plans to meet any family's needs.

I have enclosed a brochure and would welcome a call from you for any further information. Please feel free to stop by and see what's happening at Doe Woods.

Sample Letter #4


Doe Corporation is pleased to enclose your new account statement for the period ending December 31, 2018.

Based on the comments we received from many of you during the past year, we designed a new statement that is easier to read, provides more detailed information about your plan account, and presents investment information in a simpler format. All of the information you need is conveniently located on the front page of the statement, with additional details on the succeeding pages. In addition, we have included a glossary of terms, which appears on the back of the last page.

We hope you find this statement to be a useful tool in monitoring your retirement program. As always, if you have any questions, please call your plan's toll-free number during regular business hours.

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