Write a Letter to Persuade an Editor or the Public on an Issue

Example Letter #1


May I call attention to a serious problem facing our community? Ever since the withdrawal of matching federal funds for literacy programs, our library has struggled to meet the high demand for tutors, and our paid tutors have been dismissed. In the past three months alone, we have seen a 40% drop in our program's average attendance. Former participants say they grew discouraged after losing the personal, one-on-one support their paid tutors provided. And since the city council has failed to fund the program this year, we must now rely entirely on the spirit of volunteerism.

Springfield needs to support the worthy cause of literacy. Our library has issued a call for volunteers, and we must answer that call. Service and religious organizations throughout our community ought to make literacy a high priority. Long-term benefits of such programs may not be obvious today, but the impact on future generations will be enormous. Indeed, arguments for an educated citizenry are overwhelming. Our social, economic, and political well-being thirty years from now may depend in large measure on our immediate action. Let's rise to the occasion, helping those who do not read acquire the skills they need to be become better workers, parents, and citizens.

Example Letter #2


Our environment is under assault from both corporate and consumer America. Unless we become more environmentally responsible, our grandchildren may not enjoy the natural beauty and resources that we take for granted. Each day we lose more open space and pollute more air and water. But, with everyone doing a small part, we can minimize the destruction and even reverse some trends.

First, we should take it upon ourselves to investigate which companies take measures to protect the environment, and then support them. We should boycott the products of those calloused companies that destroy or misuse our natural resources. Second, each citizen needs to do his or her part in conserving natural resources. We must recycle, even if it means carrying newspapers to a distant recycling bin. We must dump waste such as paint, gasoline, and turpentine in appropriate receptacles, and reuse items such as cardboard boxes and grocery bags.

An awareness of the fragile nature of our environment can help us all to take helpful measures. Our collective efforts will have a significant impact.

Example Letter #3


I am writing to draw your attention to a matter of great importance. Mayor Doe pledged to address the traffic problems that have plagued our community. He has failed, however, to take even the first steps toward alleviating the dangerous condition of many of the intersections surrounding our children's schools. I hope you will join me in voicing your concern over this immediate peril. Write Mayor Doe and tell him, in no uncertain terms, that it is his responsibility to protect the children by installing crosswalks and traffic lights at the dangerous intersections. Let him understand that your support is contingent upon his fulfillment of his promises to keep our streets efficient and our children safe!

Example Letter #4


As you know, voter turnout in America is at an all-time low. Many people feel their vote doesn't make a difference, so they don't make the effort. However, in our last city elections, the mayoral race was decided by less than fifty votes. You can make a difference. Study the issues, choose the candidates you will support, go to your polling stations, and vote for who you want to run the city of Springfield!

Example Letter #5


I am deeply concerned about the Springfield Herald's biased reporting on the proposed bond issue. Since the bond was proposed two weeks ago, the Herald has run a negative article every day; the only positive article ran a week ago.

Yet the bond issue will give us a chance to modernize Springfield's outdated and overloaded storm drain system. I'm sure most of us have had to deal with the flooded streets, basements, and backed-up sewers that our present system causes. As new construction continues, these problems will only increase.

The sole argument against the bond issue is the cost. Indeed the cost is enormous; however, the longer we wait, the greater the cost will be. Let's take action now on a problem that won't go away!

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