Decline a Request For Employment - Letters

Example Letter #1


We appreciate your interest in applying for employment at Doe's. Our job announcement brought 30 applications for the two supervisor openings. Your application was very strong, and you were among the four finalists, but we have offered the positions to two applicants who had lengthy supervisory experience specifically in road construction. Otherwise, you have excellent credentials and will surely find other employment soon.

Example Letter #2


Thank you for your interest in employment with Doe Van Lines. While your years of on-the-road experience are impressive, we were able to find an applicant who is willing to relocate when our Springfield depot opens. We wish you success in pursuing a career in the local trucking industry. Your knowledge and experience should be great assets in your job search.

Example Letter #3


Thank you for applying for a position with our company. After careful consideration, however, we have decided not to make you an offer at this time.

We received applications from a large number of extremely qualified applicants. Unfortunately, while your technical qualifications were excellent, we were looking for someone with more experience. We hope you will again apply for a position with our company after you have acquired more experience.

Example Letter #4


Thank you for your interest in working at Doe Corporation. Your resume is very impressive. However, we decided to hire someone from inside the company. Nevertheless, you should not have trouble finding suitable employment in another position. Best wishes.

Letter-Writing Tips

Write this courteous letter as soon as you have decided not to hire the applicant.

Step-by-Step Guide

1 Thank the applicant for his or her application or interest in your company.

  • Thank you for your recent application for employment at Doe's.
  • We appreciate your interest in a career with Doe's.
  • Thank you for applying for the position of head trainer.
  • Thank you for phoning to follow up on your recent interview for the supervisor position.
  • Thank you for sending a resume.
  • Thank you for filling out a Doe employment application.
  • Thank you for interviewing with us for the position of evening manager.
  • appreciate the time you spent with me in the interview
  • appreciate your interest in our company
  • appreciate you taking the time to relate your qualifications
  • appreciate your interest in a career with
  • enjoyed meeting with you last Monday
  • everyone at Doe Corporation enjoyed meeting with you
  • has carefully considered your application
  • have recently completed a selective screening
  • looked over your resume with great interest
  • note of thanks for visiting with me about our present opening
  • thank you for discussing employment possibilities with
  • thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your
  • thank you for applying for the position of
  • thank you for phoning to follow up on your recent interview for
  • thank you for your recent application for employment at
  • thank you for interviewing with us for the position of
  • thank you for expressing an interest in our firm
  • thank you for taking the time to fill out an application for
  • thank you for your recent letter and your interest in
  • thank you for sending us information on your qualifications as a
  • thank you for your resume and letter in response to our ad
  • thank you for responding to our advertisement
  • to keep you up-to-date on the status of your resume
  • want to thank you for coming by our offices and interviewing

2 Soften the disappointment, if possible, by noting any positive qualities of the applicant. Offer a brief explanation for your refusal.

  • Your academic training is impressive, and your interview was excellent; however, we chose to hire someone who has on-the-job experience.
  • We were impressed by the qualifications of all the applicants. The choice was difficult, and we are sorry you missed out by a small margin.
  • We were impressed by your management experience, but because of financial considerations we selected an applicant with lower salary requirements.
  • Although your lengthy experience in the field is impressive, we were looking for someone with more specific training in computer applications.
  • Since we are not currently hiring sales clerks, we will put your application on file for next year. Should an opening arise that matches your qualifications, we will notify you.
  • Because we do not have a local personnel department, we are forwarding your application to Doe's main office. If you have further questions, you may write to that office at 1600 Main Street, Springfield, KS 12347 or phone them at 555-555-5555.
  • after much serious consideration
  • after considerable debate about our needs
  • after lengthy consideration, we opted for a candidate with
  • because of financial considerations, an applicant with
  • candidate we selected, however, has considerable experience
  • carefully evaluated your background and find that it does not
  • choice was especially difficult
  • competition for the position especially keen
  • emphasize that you were one of three finalists out of
  • feel we need someone with a deeper knowledge of
  • felt that you could add a number of fresh and creative ideas
  • final decision was based solely on the amount of experience
  • found a number of applicants whose qualifications more closely
  • have chosen someone who has vast experience in
  • have no openings now or in the foreseeable future for
  • have made remarkable strides in your career to date
  • have selected another person who has the type of experience we
  • hire someone who has on-the-job experience
  • impressive but do not exactly match our current opening
  • it may be scant consolation, but you were a leading contender
  • looking for someone with specific training in
  • not ready to provide much training and therefore must insist on
  • only wish we had another position to offer you
  • pleased to know that you were one of our final candidates
  • regret to report that there are no appropriate openings
  • regret being able to hire only one of the applicants
  • regret to inform you that we have chosen another applicant
  • resume indicates that you have excellent qualifications
  • sorry you missed out by a small margin
  • surprising number of applicants responded to our notice
  • unable to meet your salary requirements
  • unable to offer you the position
  • unfortunately, we are not presently hiring
  • want to emphasize that the person we hired
  • were one of the leading contenders for the position

3 Offer encouragement or best wishes for success.

  • We believe, however, that you have much to offer an organization and wish you much success in achieving your career goals.
  • We wish you all the best in your employment search.
  • I expect that you will soon find the position that specifically matches your work experience.
  • Good luck in your job search, and thank you again for your interest in Doe's.
  • Thank you for thinking of us. We wish you every success.
  • am sure you will find a suitable position in the near future
  • anticipate future opportunities for people with your
  • appreciate your interest in the firm
  • best wishes in your career
  • contact you immediately should another opportunity arise
  • continue to match your background against similar job openings
  • enjoyed visiting with you and discussing job opportunities
  • find a rewarding position where your talents can be fully used
  • have the highest regard for your ability
  • in the event of future openings in your field
  • keep your file active during the next
  • please stay in touch and let us know what you decide to pursue
  • should resubmit an updated resume at that time
  • taking the liberty of retaining your resume in our active file
  • talent and ambition will lead you to a rewarding future
  • thank you for the time and ideas you gave us
  • thank you for your interest in career opportunities with
  • thanks again for your interest in our company
  • will notify you immediately if a position becomes available
  • will keep the information you provided us in our active file
  • will do whatever I can to help
  • will keep your resume on hand in case
  • wish you all the best in your future endeavors
  • wish you every success for a rewarding future
  • wish you the best of luck in your search

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