Decline a Job Offer, Promotion, or Transfer

Sample Letter #1

Thank you for offering me the position of senior software engineer at Doe Corporation. After evaluating the offer, considering the team you assembled and the technical and financial opportunity, I turned down other job offers in anticipation of accepting yours. You presented a wonderful opportunity to work with talented people on a project destined to make a great impact on the market. Unfortunately, a sudden change in my family situation makes moving at this time very difficult. Given this reality, I feel I have little choice but to accept a position at Doe International here in Springfield.

My commitment here will be for a minimum of six months, so I hope we can keep in touch and perhaps a future opportunity will arise. I will send you my e-mail address as soon as they give me one. Good companies with spectacular opportunities are hard to find. I know I would enjoy working with you.

Sample Letter #2

Thank you for considering me for the position of area manager at Doe Corporation. I am honored that you would choose me to fill the vacancy, but I must decline. My family is demanding an increasing amount of time, and I am reluctant to take a position that requires more traveling. Thank you again for your confidence in my abilities.

Sample Letter #3

I am flattered by your offer to work as a safety specialist for Doe Construction. I have always wanted to join your firm, but when I signed on with Springfield Construction, I agreed to a one-year commitment. Six months remain of my contract, so I will stay with Springfield for the present. Thank you again for your generous offer. I hope to meet with you again in the future when my circumstances change.

Sample Letter #4

Thank you for offering me a position in the international division at Doe. I have considered it carefully and must decline the offer because the position will require too much travel. I want to enjoy my children while they are young. I enjoyed meeting with you. Thanks again for considering me.

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