Approve a Request

Sample Letter #1


I received your letter of October 9 and, after careful consideration, have decided to grant your request to extend the November 13 deadline to November 30. You are right. We will save money by taking the extra time to include the more durable plastic components.

Thank you for keeping our best interests in mind. I look forward to viewing the finished work.

Sample Letter #2


Thank you for asking to use my poem "Alphabet Juice and Sagebrush Rubdowns" in the third edition of Doe's Farm Phrases. I am pleased that you would consider using it. You may reproduce it as it appears in the Poetry Jamboree Proceedings, Section IV, page 128. Please acknowledge that it is reprinted by permission of the author. I will appreciate receiving a copy of the third edition when it is completed.

Sample Letter #3


It is our pleasure to inform you that we have decided to publish the terrorism article you submitted to the Springfield Times. We found your article insightful and relevant to current international concerns. You can expect it to appear in the April 15 issue. I have enclosed a check as your honorarium.

Sample Letter #4


Your application for funding for the development of an ambulatory cleaning robot has been approved with a funding level of $20,000. This project seems to be a very worthwhile line of research, and we hope to see it come to fruition within the two-year time period that you outlined. Please submit progress reports as outlined in your proposal. Best wishes with the project.

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