Request a Change In a Contract or Agreement

Sample Letter #1


As you know, I have faithfully paid my rent on the tenth of the month for the past three years. However, my grandmother has taken ill, and I must pay her medical bills on the first of the month. I will need more than ten days to recover financially to pay rent, so I am requesting that my rent due date be changed to the fifteenth of the month. You have been a most reasonable landlord. I appreciate your taking the time to consider this small amendment to our rental agreement.

Sample Letter #2


I hope you agree that I have upheld my end of my lease with you since we moved in over a year ago. However, something has developed that the lease does not cover; consequently, I want to modify the lease to address that need so that there are no misunderstandings.

My niece will be moving in with us on May 5. Since she is family, I trust you will allow her to stay with us without an increase in the rent. The current lease seems to require a rent increase for non-family members. I want to clarify that provision in writing so there will be no question about her living with us. Would you please write me to confirm my understanding of that provision?

Sample Letter #3


You will recall that I have a spotless record of adherence to club policies per our contract. However, I would like to request that our contract be amended to allow nonmembers to sail club yachts in the presence of certified Yacht Club members. I often entertain out-of-town guests for whom it would be impractical to obtain club membership. It would be my privilege (and my responsibility) if I were permitted to allow my guests occasionally to take the helm when aboard a club vessel. Please advise me as to your thoughts on this matter. I would be delighted to sign off, at your convenience, on any amendment we make to this effect.

Sample Letter #4


We thank you for agreeing to provide the music for my daughter's wedding on June 17. Unfortunately her fiancee, who is in the military, has received orders which make this date impossible, so we are moving the wedding date forward two weeks to June 3. Would it be possible for you to accommodate us on this date instead? All the other aspects of our agreement will remain the same.

We would be most grateful if you could make this change. If you are unable to, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make other arrangements.

Sample Letter #5


We agreed that I should come to your home to replace your furnace on October 4. However, the specific furnace mentioned in our contract, the Doe Standard, is not available. The next shipment is expected the second week of October. We could delay the installation or, if you prefer, use an XYZ furnace, which is also an excellent brand and very similar to the Doe. The cost would be the same.

I recommend that we go ahead with the XYZ, but will wait for your instructions. Please call me at 555-5555 to let me know what you would like me to do.

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