Request Assistance or Cooperation from Someone In Another Firm • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1If necessary, introduce yourself and/or your company.
2Indicate why you need the reader's cooperation or assistance.
3Ask the reader to help you. Be specific about your needs.
4Ask for a reply or for cooperation.


This letter is more formal than one asking a close colleague for a favor. You cannot always assume that the reader knows who you are or whether he or she remembers you from a previous meeting. If you have any doubt, introduce yourself before discussing the letter's purpose.

Example Letter #1


As I mentioned in our brief meeting last week, we have been retained to represent a client in Springfield on a complicated tax matter. May we invite you to consult with us as we prepare the case? We feel your experience in this area can be a great help. If you are interested and would have the time, I would appreciate speaking with you. I will call when I return from Springfield.

Example Letter #2


I represent Jane Doe in the matter of Doe v. Doe Inc. Her case against Doe Inc. is wrongful termination. I understand you represent Mr. Eric Johnson, who is suing Doe on the same grounds. As you know, Mr. Johnson and Ms. Doe worked in the same division of Doe for several years until they were suddenly terminated on June 13, 2018.

Although I have requested several reports from Doe, they have refused to produce them. Ms. Doe learned from Mr. Johnson that you may have these documents. May I photocopy them at my expense until other arrangements are made?

Of course, we would require a signed permission statement from Mr. Johnson, indicating his consent to our arrangement. However, he seems willing. Photocopying is desirable at this point because our summary judgment motion is due Monday, and I need the reports to complete it. Please phone me as soon as possible regarding this matter.

Example Letter #3


My name is Jane Doe, of Doe's Fast Foods next to you. I would like you to know how much we appreciate the lawns and flower beds in front of your office. They are an asset to the whole downtown area. Unfortunately, many of our customers appreciate them too. They frequently purchase their meals from us, go sit on your lawn to eat, and then leave their litter behind on the ground. We have provided trash cans on our property and also, as you must be aware, have frequently sent our employees over after the lunchtime rush, to clear the litter off your property.

Would you mind if we place a trash can on the southeastern corner of your property? Most of the people leave in that direction, and I believe that a trash can there would go a long way toward relieving the litter problem. We would be happy to take care of maintaining and emptying the trash can as needed. We would very much appreciate your cooperation in this matter, and will call you to discuss it further.

Example Letter #4


Christmas is approaching, and it is time to decorate the downtown area. We at Doe Enterprises were discussing our decorations and thought how effective it would be if all the merchants on our block worked together on our decorations, blending the entire block into a harmonious whole. It would, of course, require all of us to cooperate in this matter, but any extra time and expense is bound to be justified by the numbers of people it would pull into the area throughout the festive season. Would you be interested in working with us on this project?

We will have a short meeting in the studio at the Art Shoppe on Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. Please send a representative if you would like to participate. If this time is not convenient, please call me at 555-5555.


Ask the reader to help you. Be specific about your needs.

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