Request Application Materials For Admission to College • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Briefly explain your interest in the school, indicating any special area of study you would like to pursue and any special circumstances that may affect your enrollment.
2Request the application materials, including any special forms you might need.


Since this very brief letter only requests application materials, it is not necessary to present your credentials in depth. That task will follow when you submit the application. The letter should be brief, but still contain enough information for the reader to judge whether the school offers the type of program you want and what materials to send you. The letter would normally be sent to the office of admissions or to a specific academic department.

Example Letter #1


At the end of my enlistment in the U.S. Air Force, I would like to enroll in Doe College for the fall semester of 2019 to pursue a bachelor's degree in computer science. Would you please send me the appropriate application forms and a copy of the general catalog? I would also like to receive any information the veterans' benefits office may have to help me plan ahead.

Example Letter #2


My high school counselor told me that the community college in Springfield would be the best place for me to continue my education. I want to study environmental science with an emphasis on toxic waste disposal. He explained that your combined AA curriculum in natural science and public affairs would give me a good foundation for future studies. Please send me the necessary application forms, including scholarship and housing information.

Example Letter #3


I am currently employed as a receptionist at a local law firm and would like to expand my career horizons. I understand Doe Community College has an excellent paralegal program in which I would like to enroll. Please send me an admissions application, any available literature on the program, and information on financial assistance.

Example Letter #4


I will finish high school in December, and am interesting in continuing my studies in the United States. I would like to go into the general field of communications or advertising, but have not yet decided on a major.

Please send me the appropriate application materials, along with information for International Students and any information you can give me on housing and employment opportunities. My address is:


Request the application materials, including any special forms you might need.

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