Make an Insurance Claim

Sample Letter #1


I am filing a claim on my auto insurance to cover the cost of repairing the damage that the recent storm caused to my sports car. The car was parked under a carport, where it was safe from the hail, but the wind brought the carport roof down, causing extensive damage to the top and hood of the car.

I am enclosing three repair estimates. They range from a low of $2,746.00 to $3,468.00. My policy, #55555, has a $400.00 deductible. Thank you for your assistance. I am eager to have repairs completed as soon as possible.

Sample Letter #2


I need to make a claim on my home owner's insurance policy #123. According to three appraisals (copies enclosed) my Rolex watch that was stolen from my home was valued at $7,500. Naturally, the replacement cost is higher, $8,900, as the watch was two years old. The appraisals will bear out these figures. Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

Sample Letter #3


My wife, Jane Doe, fell and broke her arm while we were traveling in California last month. She was treated at the California Medical Center, where, as out-of-state visitors, we were required to pay for her care at the time treatment was received. The total came to $1200. I did contact our Primary Care Physician, Doctor Smith, within 24 hours of the accident, as required by the terms of our policy.

Our policy number is 12345. I have enclosed the statements and receipts from the California Medical Center. Please reimburse me as soon as possible.

Sample Letter #4


I need to make a claim on my insurance policy #1234. As I mentioned in my phone call last Friday, my mountain bike was stolen last Thursday night from outside the Springfield Public Library. The bike was locked to a bicycle rack. I reported the theft to the Springfield police as soon as I noticed that the bike was missing, but they have not been able to locate it.

I bought the bike new for $695, and had had it for only three months. The helmet was an additional $35. I no longer have the receipt for the helmet, but have enclosed a copy of the receipt for the bike. Please pay my claim as soon as possible, as I rely on the bike for transportation to work. I am aware of my policy's $250 deductible.

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