Resign For Health Reasons

Example Letter #1


With much reluctance I wish to inform you of my resignation as Personnel Director, effective as soon as arrangements can be made to hire a new director. Last week, while inquiring about changes in my productivity, we discussed the fact that despite adequate sleep and nutrition I had been feeling unusually tired. We concluded that a visit to the doctor was in order. Since then, my doctor has informed me that I have Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS). Unfortunately, the erratic hours and the fast pace of our work environment worsen the effects of my illness. For these reasons, my doctor has advised a cessation of all work activity and full bed rest for an indefinite amount of time.

I am distressed that poor health dictates that I must quit my job. I searched a long time to find the kind of job that not only encourages the use of my creativity and is intellectually stimulating, but also affords an opportunity to meet with a variety of people on a daily basis. I appreciate the opportunity I have had to work here and sincerely hope that I may return when I regain my health.

Because my current major projects have been completed, now is the best time for my departure. Except for a few minor tasks, there is nothing that demands my immediate attention. However, if problems should arise, please contact me at home and I will gladly assist you in any way I can.

Example Letter #2


Effective immediately, I resign from my position as a counselor. I can no longer bear the high level of stress here at the Medical Center. I am, however, glad for the opportunity I have had to work here. This past year I have learned a great deal about my capabilities, as well as my limitations. Now that I realize I am not well-suited for this type of work, I intend to change my course of study. Fortunately, I discovered this before expending time and money in a field that is not right for me.

I decided to quit last week when Jane Doe notified me that she wanted to return to work here as soon as we had an opening. Since Jane is a previous employee, training her for this position would not be an issue. As she can assume my duties immediately, this should provide a workable solution for all parties involved.

Example Letter #3


Although I enjoy working here at Doe Realty, I am compelled to offer my resignation as a field representative, effective two weeks from today, or sooner if possible. I wish I could do otherwise but recent events have persuaded me to carefully examine the direction my life is taking. Unhappily, my position, which requires frequent entertaining of company clients, dramatically increases my exposure to alcohol, which has become a serious problem. Because my health and family are top priority, I must remove myself from all circumstances which could threaten my full recover from this addiction.

But my job has been a wonderful experience. In addition to fostering intellectual growth, it has afforded opportunities of travel and adventure. I cherish the relationships I have had with my colleagues and I will miss all of you, but it is time to change the direction of my life. I am confident that the expertise I have acquired will enable me to find a good position elsewhere.

I expect to complete all of my outstanding obligations within the next week. Furthermore, I have arranged for my colleagues and my assistant to assume my responsibilities should it take longer than is expected to find a replacement.

Example Letter #4


With much regret I advise you of my intention to resign as Director of Marketing as soon as a replacement is hired. Let me assure you, my decision to retire early is as unexpected for me as it is for you. I was recently diagnosed with a severe illness and advised by my doctor to decrease my work activities immediately. Although my responsibilities here bring me a great deal of satisfaction, they also cause a considerable amount of tension and anxiety. Hence, it is imperative that I contemplate my early retirement and plan for a more serene lifestyle.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your support, encouragement, and cooperation over the years. I have been fortunate, indeed, to work for a company that provides a challenging yet pleasant atmosphere. Close ties cultivated with my co-workers have greatly enriched my life. My admiration and respect for them make it that much more disappointing to end my career with Doe Corporation. It is truly disheartening that the state of my health must govern my decision to retire.

Because I understand that my precipitous departure could create transitional problems, I want to assure you that I will do everything possible to see that my duties are efficiently assumed by my replacement. Despite my doctor's directive, I anticipate consulting on a part-time basis during the busy seasons. If you are interested, I am available to help out on those occasions. Knowing that the door is open will help make my obligatory retirement somewhat more appealing.

Example Letter #5


It is with great sadness that I submit my resignation as Executive Vice-President of Doe Co. as of May 18, 2019. My health is failing, and I am unable to further commit myself physically to the position. This was a trying decision for me and for my family, but necessary in order to maintain my health. Thank you for the experience, opportunity, and challenge of working at Doe. I have enjoyed it, and it has made life rewarding in many ways for my family and me. We will always be grateful.

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