Resign to Take Another Job • Letter Examples and Guide

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Example Letter #1


After spending nearly five years consulting for Doe Development Company, I will be moving on to a new assignment. Effective (date), I will begin my new assignment working for City Insurance in the Phoenix Regional Office.

The past five years have been very exciting. During that time, I have greatly appreciated your support. I believe City Insurance has a few products that will be of interest to you. Once I have settled in, I will contact you to review your group health insurance needs.

Starting Monday, (date), I can be reached at 555-5555. Let's keep in touch.

Example Letter #2


I am sorry to inform you that circumstances dictate I must resign from my position as Division Manager. I prefer to leave at the end of this week, if that is convenient. If not, I will gladly comply with the company's request to give two weeks termination notice.

Each year my financial obligations have increased; unfortunately, my salary here has not been able to keep up with these demands. As a result, I have been forced to reconsider my employment here and have concluded that it would be best for me to seek employment with a company better equipped to meet my financial requirements. Despite this, it is with mixed emotions that I have accepted a position elsewhere that carries a higher salary with possibilities for future advancement,

Please accept my thanks for the opportunity to work with you. The guidance you have given me has proved invaluable and has prepared me well for my new position. I have enjoyed the challenges presented here at Doe's, and I sincerely hope that I have returned adequate service for all the benefits that I have received.

I would be happy to help you find and train a suitable replacement. Because my projects are current and because I have left detailed instructions illustrating how to perform my job duties on my desk, my successor should have little difficulty assuming my responsibilities. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help make this a smooth transition.

Example Letter #3


Please accept my regrets in resigning from my position as Stockroom Manager, effective two weeks from today's date. Eager to pursue new challenges, I have decided to accept a job offer in a field more closely aligned with my course of study. My new position will put my talents and interests to work in a new and exciting area.

Although I have accepted a position in another field, it does not detract from the fact that my job at Doe's has provided me pleasure as well as insight into my hopes for the future. I have enjoyed working with all of my friends here, and I want to thank everyone for their support over the years.

When my resignation date arrives, I expect all my projects to be current and my obligations fulfilled. If there is anything else I can do to help make this a smooth transition, please let me know.

Example Letter #4


Please accept this letter as official notification of my resignation from my position as Floor Manager, effective immediately. Financial considerations and a desire to further my career compel me to accept a job offer from a company that is better able to fill my present needs.

Although I am disappointed that size constraints placed upon the company deny rapid upward mobility, I feel deeply indebted to you for skills I have acquired and experience I have gained. My job here has been a great source of personal satisfaction and a foundation from which I have cultivated many irreplaceable ties with co-workers.

To ensure that the transition goes smoothly and to enable my successor to proceed without undue interruption, I will prepare project status reports and explain all procedures necessary to complete each assignment successfully.

Example Letter #5


My last day of being a manager at Doe will be two weeks from Friday, as I am resigning to accept another position. I have been offered a human resource position and I am anxious to make a career change. I will, however, be happy to answer any questions or concerns the new manager may have, regardless of where I am employed.

Thank you for all you have done for me. I appreciate the opportunities and friendships I have enjoyed here.

Example Letter #6


Regretfully, I must inform you that I need to resign from my position here as office manager. In accordance with company policy, I am offering two weeks notice, effective today. Please know that I am grateful for the trust and confidence that you have placed in me in the last three years. I especially appreciated the opportunity to convert the paper files in the order department to a computerized system. I believe that similar conversions in other departments, though time-consuming in the beginning, would greatly benefit the company in the long run.

I have been offered a position as Technology Specialist in a larger company and I feel I must accept. Although the higher salary was one factor in my decision, I will also have a greater opportunity to use my degree in computer science. Of course, I will be happy to help train a replacement while I am here. The new manager is also free to call me at home or email me with any questions after I leave. All of my files have been backed up on CD-R and are labeled appropriately. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help make this transition as trouble-free as possible.

Letter-Writing Tips

It is always wise to have a new job in hand before quitting the old one. Although it may be tempting to vent pent-up anger and frustration as you write your resignation, it is best not to do so. You don't know what the future will hold or who your new associates will be, so be careful your words could not come back and haunt you. It is much more sensible to control the tone of your letter and leave on a positive note. Never "burn your bridges."

Step-by-Step Guide

1 Make a clear and direct statement that you are resigning. Identify by title the position you are leaving, and give an effective date.

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2 Give your reasons for leaving, emphasizing new opportunities.

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3 Express appreciation for skills learned and experience acquired.

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a genuine pleasure to have worked with you accept my thanks for the opportunity you gave me to all the help you have given me am grateful for the opportunity to work with appreciated your interest in my career best wishes to all of you for best wishes for the future success of difficult to express how much I've enjoyed working for experience working with you has been invaluable express my sincere appreciation to for all your support and encouragement over the years for being a supportive supervisor for the pleasant, yet challenging atmosphere for the chance to work and learn at for your help over the years for your confidence in me had the opportunity to work with such a dedicated group of people have enjoyed my tenure with have developed valuable ties with have enjoyed very much working under have learned much about have greatly enjoyed working with you have my respect and admiration have enjoyed working with you have thoroughly enjoyed my time have learned a great deal it has been a pleasure working with you my work here has always been a great source of satisfaction significant career growth, which I shall always appreciate sincerely wish everyone well in their future endeavors the substantial support I have received from management the support and encouragement you have given me the opportunity to earn my degree at night school through the many kindnesses you extended to me and my family the guidance you gave will always remember the personal growth it afforded will always remember your kindness will miss you all at will keep fond memories your concern for my professional growth your confidence in my abilities

4 Discuss the time and mechanism, if possible, for the orderly transfer of responsibilities and/or training of your replacement.

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